Packing up

A car was parked in the Grammeno Beach car park so I guessed there might be someone on the Promontory somewhere. I thought it could possibly be a fisherman but it was still a bit early, even for them. We were ahead of Ursula so used the time to set off for our first lap. I kept all of the dogs on the lead as I wasn’t quite sure what I might find. Having made it uneventfully to the northern end of the Promontory, I released Oskar and Charlie who are generally fairly compliant and usually don’t go looking for mischief. By the time we arrived at the southern point, Ursula and Heidi were there enjoying the ambience. I passed the Brown Dogs over to her and set off across the rocks with Skinny with Oskar and Charlie in tow. We completed another circuit then went around once more. This time, Ursula brought the Brown Dogs to the Small Beach where Oskar, Heidi and Skinny played energetically in the water and on the sand. Fido went for a swim in search of various stones I threw into the water.

It was only when I left the Small Beach via the rocks that we encountered the couple happily tucked up in their bed. Naturally, the dogs began to bark, I wished the couple good morning and proceeded on my way as to stay would simply prolong the cacophony, especially since Heidi had joined in. Needless to say, we gave that area a wide berth for the remainder of the walk. We continued along the rocks to the southerly point before joining Ursula who was throwing a ball for Luis. He had begun to flag so we assembled the dogs, distributed biscuits and set off for the camping.

Pilates and running followed although I lacked the enthusiasm for speedy progress as it was already 27℃. I returned with an apple croissant which Ursula duly transported to Tony. She started packing up their goods and chattels depositing some in her special storage location in the storeroom. Earlier, I went to feed the cat to find she had brought the entire family into the storeroom. They were distributed amongst the stack of pallets as I poured out their food into a larger bowl. Later, I laid one of the dog blankets on the top pallet to make it more comfortable. I returned to find her sprawled out with her kittens close by.

On my return from the shower, I went to talk to Peter, who accompanied us to Anydri yesterday. He told me he was finding it difficult to work due to the poor battery on his laptop. He’d been plugging it in at the bar but found it difficult to concentrate due to the noise. Following a two hour charge, the battery lasts barely one hour. He doesn’t have either a chair nor a table so I offered him one of mine. I feel it’s unlikely for me to be able to sit in three chairs at a time. Later, I transported the chair, a plastic stool and a power cable to his pitch and set them up. He was suitably surprised when next he returned but can now work in peace and comfort. We had also discussed the likelihood of him being moved on as he is occupying one of the motorhome and camper pitches. Rather a waste of a pitch for a motorbike and small tent. We looked at some possibilities as I suggested he should take his pick rather than be allocated a pitch. I don’t know how long he plans to stay but it will start to get busy fairly soon.

I then asked Janne and Erica how they might feel about Peter using their decking area for his work. This would give the appearance of someone being about so would have the double advantage of a good place for Peter whilst ensuring there are no trespassers on Janne and Erica’s land. Janne and Erica are favourably disposed to this idea so Peter will check out the location with me tomorrow sometime. He can pitch his tent close by whilst parking his bike somewhere discretely. Peter understands the need to get things done with the minimum of interaction with The Management. Their involvement invariably involves delay and needless consultation which could take a lifetime. It takes Georgia half the day to decide what time to get out of bed!

My weekly call was next, followed by lunch at Third Eye. I have not been there this year so was delighted to see the effort they have made to provide vegan choices in their menus. The menu is well presented with each item displaying symbols for vegan or gluten free. Ursula and I enjoyed a delicious curry whilst Tony had stuffed vegetables. I wrote a suitably positive review in Happy Cow later when I might also have dropped off to sleep in the afternoon sun. Happy Cow is a worldwide vegan and vegetarian eatery guide.

I joined Tony and Ursula for tea then went back to the dogs who appeared little interested in going for a walk. They have been fed, are reasonably quiet so will soon go to bed. I will not be long in following them.

My kettle failed to work this morning so a replacement will be needed before long.

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