Ursula, Tony and Heidi leave Grammeno

Another warm night and morning for the Early Walk. It was Ursula and Heidi’s final Early Walk until the end of September when they will return to Grammeno for a few weeks. I left a few dogs with Ursula and went off with the faster group. We found a tent which probably belonged to the owners of the car parked in the car park. Surprisingly very similar to that which was parked there the previous morning. Oskar decided that they should be woken up even though he’d successfully walked past the tent in the dark earlier. Charlie gave a little woof and walked on.

We ended up on the Small Beach where nearly all of the dogs went in the water. They ragged around on the beach and in the water, chasing about and rolling in the sand. Fido went for a longer swim but Skinny hasn’t quite got the hang of this swimming business even though he’s being more daring than previously. Ursula set back to the camping while I continued southwards over the rocks with Fido, Skinny and Charlie. We briefly encountered Dimitris then left to go back.

It was warm but I ran, with reduced speed, to Kountoura to collect the last morning pastry until September. What will Anatoli Bakery do without this custom? Ursula took the pastry and went off after her Pilates to finish off the packing and loading the car. She came up with some boxes and items for storage. We noticed that all the kittens were present and less fearful than the other days. They appear to be eating more so it’s lucky I got in plenty of cat food.
I eventually ate some breakfast then showed Peter around the pitch next to Janne and Erica who were out for the day. I believe they are going back to Stockholm on Wednesday.

Georgia had invited Ursula, Tony and I to lunch at the restaurant where we had a very enjoyable meal around 14:00. Georgia was flitting around chatting to friends and organising things. Mikhalis and Manolis had been erecting a replacement children’s play area frame which appears to be identical to the previous apparatus. The work is not quite finished.

I left Tony enjoying his coffee and sorted out some oil for Ursula to take back to her daughters. Tony, Ursula and Heidi arrived soon after and said goodbye to the dogs and let Heidi have a little run around with her siblings. With the oil loaded into the boot of the car, they set off to Chania or rather Souda Bay, to catch the ferry to Piraeus.

I went back to removing some annoying malware from Terry’s laptop and considered buying a replacement battery for my Hitachi hammer tool.

It has been another hot day with a high of 35℃. Earlier, it was fairly still but has now become quite gusty. The forecast is for gusts to 50km/h tomorrow but settling down again the following day.

Three sets of little pussy eyes stared back at me as I shone my headtorch into the storeroom. The kittens seem to have got the hang of being in there and lying on the blankets I put on top of the pallet stack. Their mother was nowhere to be seen.

Ursula, Tony and Heidi have made it to the boat and they are safely in their cabin. They will arrive at Piraeus early tomorrow morning then drive over to Patras for the Ancona ferry tomorrow evening.


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