They will burst

Those pussies simply cannot be eating as much as they are! I have reason to believe no other cat is getting the food so it must be true. I have filled their bowl several times today and each occasion it’s they who are eating the food. The kittens are now becoming far more adventurous roaming around the storeroom getting into all kinds of mischief. Surprising they are as calm as they are considering the amount of racket and movement of materials going on recently. I notice more of the pallet chairs have been removed. Hurrah!

On my own I walked the dogs this morning as Ursula and Heidi would have been arriving at Piraeus about that time. I went round once with all of them which was a mistake since the car from the previous two days was not there but the tent was so Oskar made a horrible racket. He found himself back on the lead which was a pain for me as only Charlie was free to do his thing. At the end of the first circuit, I attached the Brown Dogs to a rock and left them to it. Charlie decided to stay there with them but Oskar caught me up on the Big Beach. I hooked him up so that he didn’t bark at the tent again.

At the end of the third circuit, Oskar was with me as was Fido so I let them all off and diverted to the Small Beach and then over the rocks. They all played nicely if not vigorously and we went back over the rocks and into the lagoon area. Only Obi was now left on the lead as I was throwing the ball for Luis who was puffing his way around and finally ended up watching the wind blow his ball across the water in the lagoon. I collected them together, distributed biscuits and headed back to the camping. This morning, I was planning to turn on the electric heater for the showers when I got back from the walk instead of before I went. The plan was that I’d get out and return quicker. That was not the case so I decided to carry out an experiment and not put it on at all. I ran the usual route leaving out the bakery and battled my way agains the wind on the return leg.

I went for a shower and it certainly wasn’t hot or very warm but a shower nonetheless. I’d put my porridge on beforehand so got on with breakfast. I then decided to give Luis a prune as he struggles when it’s hot. Charlie was my real target but Luis was conveniently tied to the shelves so I practised on him. He was not incredibly enthusiastic but I more or less accomplished my mission. He looks quite different without all his fur. Fido presented himself so I gave him a going over. He was much easier to do as he just let me get on with it. They both look a bit like they did when they were younger.

My next victim was Charlie and I had to go hunting from him. He was the least enthusiastic so it took a long time to wade through all his long coat and matted areas. I’ve not finished with him as he was getting decidedly browned off with me so I thought I’d better call it a day. He looks reasonably presentable but is a work in progress.

I had only one phone call from Inter Sport regarding a PC which wasn’t installed with all the others. I had some tomatoes at lunchtime together with a few olives. I then put up the spare automatic light over the steps to the decking for want of a better place to put it. I then installed some awning rail along the front edge of the canopy so that I could pitch the sun-blocker on the southern side. I was in the middle of doing this when Antonis arrived bringing me a big bag containing tomatoes and red peppers. We chatted a while but he needed to go home to sleep before going off for work at 23:00. He’s working quite hard now that the time of the arrival of the baby approaches.

I almost finished off the sun-blocker but could do with a couple more anchors to fix it to the decking. I’m going to remove the nasty bits of wire which are currently fixed to the frame of the decking.

Janne and Erica returned from their cycle ride which must have been challenging due to gusting wind to at one pint. I’ve done quite a bit of tinkering today which is quite rewarding.

It was a lot cooler than yesterday due to the predominantly northwesterly wind. The top temperature is 29.8℃ but the cooler wind has encouraged me to close up the eastern end of the tent and to put on a shirt.

Tony, Heidi and Ursula are now on the ferry bound for Ancona so will arrive sometime tomorrow for the Italian part of the journey. They are going to their house in Normandy so will be travelling across France.

My supper is cooked, so…


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