Stuffed tomatoes

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The Early walk was more organised than yesterdays. I didn’t bother to try to take all of the dogs around the Promontory once. Luis was already dragging behind before we’d managed to reach the end. I took out a wire rope loop to sling around the rocks so that I could fasten the Brown Dogs to it while I walked around with the other three. I took Fido with me on the last trip and let him and Skinny free on the return. We went via the Small Beach and the rocks. Charlie came to join us but Oskar couldn’t be bothered. It was quite warm early this morning which makes them lethargic. We played a little ball and then called it a day. After about two hours out in the morning, they don’t really need to go out again later when the days are hot.

This evening’s dietary delight is going to be stuffed tomatoes. Following Antonis’ visit accompanied by yet more tomatoes, I felt the creation of stuffed tomatoes might be a cunning plan as someone once said. From what I have left over, there will be more tomorrow too.

It’s very quiet here at present as Luis and Fido are confined to the van for excessive gate-rushing and noise whilst Skinny is locked in his run for attempted vandalism of the southern Sun Blocker. The only damage was to one of the guy ropes which need replacing anyway. He now, hopefully, knows not to chew things. I keep forgetting that he is younger than the others so still going through the chewing phase.

Janne and Erica have spent a lot of the day preparing for their departure which is scheduled for around 16:00 tomorrow. They fly back to Stockholm that evening as far as I know. They will be back again sometime around 12 September if I recall correctly. Once they leave, Peter will move his tent into the space next to their caravan and occupy their decking during the day so that he can work in peace. I have to make up a cable so that he has some electricity for his laptop. He says he does not need any electricity in his tent. He will find it more comfortable and practical being able to have solid ground under his feet and not to have to be tramping around in the sand all day. I will have a neighbour once more for however long he decides to stay. I think Janne and Erica would be happy for him to stay until September as his presence would keep others away. Before I had a decking of my own, I used to go over and use theirs.

There was much activity outside of the workshop this morning but I wasn’t too interested to see what it was. I later discovered the workshop had been relieved of much of the clutter which has been there since before the Dawn of Time. There is still scope for more tidying and for more disposal but it’s great not to have to step over stuff to get to the electricity meters and switches on the end wall.

I’ve not been out into the camping much today so I have little idea as to what else has been going on. I’ve been doing small jobs of which one was to list a Shepherds’ Hut base for Matthew on eBay. I’m sure I’ve done lots of other useful things too.

The dogs have been fed, my tomatoes are in the over which seems to take forever to heat up. They should be ready in a little while so I’ll disappear inside and watch the box for a little.


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