Stuffed tomatoes?

This is definitely the last night of stuffed tomatoes. It’s just amazing how far a cup-full of rice and a few chopped vegetables and some herbs will go. The remainder of the tomato insides has been blended with some onion, garlic and a little hot pepper to go on some rusks at the beginning or end. It’s not going to be a good as Ursula’s mixture but it uses up the last of the tomato remains. I still have eight of my donated tomatoes to go as well as loads of red peppers. I think I will think up some different way of preparing that lot.

It’s been another hot day with a high of 35.8℃ (96.4F). The elevated temperature appears to have created some elevated tempers and I suspect Xanthippos has thrown all of his toys out of his cot and slung his hook. I witnessed a heated exchange between him and his brother, Mikhailis, who is enjoying being Xanthippos’ boss. Much more than Xanthippos is enjoying having him as boss. He raced off and came back demanding the workshop should be unlocked. He picked up various items and packed them into the box on his Dream Racer then sped off at top speed leaving a pall of dust behind him. I expect we’ll not see him for a few days. Georgia will phone him up to talk him around, they’ll all kiss, cuddle and makeup until the next time…

The Early Walk was uneventful with no escapees. Skinny was not given the opportunity and Fido was given only a little slack at the end. I dumped the Brown Dogs and did the first trip with Skinny, Oskar and Charlie who were free. The tent which has been present for a while, has now disappeared. I suppose they might have got fed up with people and dogs tramping past early in the morning.

For the second circuit, I took all of the dogs including Luis who jammed on the brakes on a couple of occasions. He did it once too often ending up tied to boulder. We could hear him complaining as we marched off into the distance. The noise stopped after a short while and he was accompanied by Oskar and Charlie when we came back around. I let everyone go except for Skinny and Obi and threw balls for Luis and Fido. The temperature was already 24℃ at 06:45 so it didn’t take much to get Luis puffing. We packed up and went back to the camping.

I did my run, which was fairly hard work as, by now, it was 27℃ so not really the conditions I’m used to running in. I had a very pleasant shower followed by some breakfast then relaxed for a while. I’ve been updating the camping CCTV cameras. I added back Janne and Erica’s camera so that Georgia can snoop. I rearranged all the cameras so they appear in logical groups: Bar 1, Bar 2, Restaurant and Kitchen in one group and Reception, Storeroom and Workshop with J & E in the second. I expect Georgia will blow a fuse because I’ve changed something. She expects her technology to work the same each time even though the changes are logical and make things easier.

Luis and Oskar are presently cooling their heels in Skinny’s compound. He is allowed out but still on a wire. I’ve been keeping a close eye on him all day to ensure he doesn’t chew anything important. He’s spent much of the time asleep under the decking with the others.

My latest batch of tomatoes has just gone ping so I’d better get on and feed the dogs so I can eat.

Bigger by the day… and the food they eat!


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