Holiday Weekend

I wanted an early start this morning so as to be back before everyone got up. I was unaware that someone was right up against the north fence so there was a slight hiccup while Oskar and Luis went to investigate. Not such a good thing at 04:45 on a Sunday morning. I decided to leave via the field as any surreptitious exit via the camping was no longer an option as the game was already up.

Despite the car parked in the Grammeno Beach car park, there was no evidence of any FreeLoaders on the Promontory. As a precaution, I went on the first lap with only Charlie free as Oskar can be a little noisy when surprised by something or someone out of the ordinary. We completed another couple of circuits with the Brown Dogs minus Luis who saved his energy for chasing his ball. We completed five laps today due to the shorter route via the field. Once they’d had enough, we returned to the camping. I put on the water heater before leaving for a run. It was pleasant today due to a good northwesterly breeze. I showered and then made breakfast. For some reason, much of the morning passed without incident as it was warm and I was tired.

Peter returned some of my stuff as he left to fly back to UK. He plans to pick up a camper to bring back to Crete. His motorbike will remain at the camping during his absence. I met a guy Peter had spent time with and we enjoyed a short chat.

The afternoon included a visit to the rubbish bin, the office and raking up some leaves. I tidied up some of the rubbish in the northern part of the compound and need to get hold of the wheelbarrow and drag it up to the bins. The bins had not been emptied for a while so I didn’t want to add to the problem. It’s looking a littler straighter now.

The thronging masses have been enjoying the Holy Spirit Holiday Weekend so I’ll try to not wake the whole camping tomorrow morning as I leave with the dogs. Getting them to the gate via the SDC is not that straightforward when some are on the lead. It was easier when they slept in their houses and just had to be let out and clipped onto their leads. Tomorrow morning, I’ll grab Luis and Oskar as they come out of the van to ensure there are no more boundary incursions. I’ll bring Skinny to the others on his own at the end.

The full moon is rising as I write. It was setting as we crossed the car park this morning. Things hadn’t quite gone according to plan so I wasn’t as relaxed as I might have been even though the setting mood was a sight to behold. I took a photo but feel certain it didn’t come out.

It didn’t look anything like that as the colours were too subtle for the amount of light.

Following my raking, I went for a shower to find no hot water. My investigations showed that it was just being used faster than it could be heated. There are just too many people on the camping to keep up with the demand. The showers are far too generous and use excessive amounts of water. If it was me, I’d fit finer shower heads, reduce the flow and premix the water so it goes further.

It’s spinach and rice tonight with corn on the cob. The corns are just coming online so are not that well developed. The spinach is a little tired as I washed it yesterday and should have stored it in the fridge.

The top temperature for today is 33℃ (92℉) so warm enough and quite pleasant with the breeze. I’m sure there were plenty of people on the beach roasting themselves in the sun.

I would guess that ht majority of the customers here at present are Greeks although there are also other nationalities in little enclaves dotted about. A Group of French are in the pitch next to where Peter was as I was earwigging their conversation as I collected my chair. I’ve put the chair in the storeroom as I already have two chairs to sit in and I find that one is far to warm to sit in when it’s hot. A padded cushion is perfect in winter but too hot in summer.


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