Entertaining again

I was earlier to bed last night and fell asleep pretty quickly so it was around 04:25 when I woke and got out of bed today. The walk went without problem and there were no FreeLoaders so all terribly boring. I even came back with the same number of dogs!

I ran not quite as quickly as yesterday but only by a few seconds which I could have made up if I’d tried. I bumped into Pete from South Africa, not the other Pete who’s gone back to UK. We went down to the sea for a splash around then came back for a cup of tea which morphed into breakfast. Pete went off to make some calls and we agreed to go out into the mountains later in the afternoon.

I got on with a few simple jobs and it wasn’t long before the appointed hour arrived. We went up into Spaniakos and drove around on the windy mountain roads before a little shopping at Petrakis. The nice Canadian lady at the checkout complained at not having seen me for a long time. I said that the road makes it very unpleasant and difficult to cycle into town regularly so I was coming less frequently and doing bigger shops. We agreed that the road project was dragging on and hoped it would soon be over.

Pete and I went back to the camping where he prepared a meal for us to eat. I showered and fed the dogs. We spent the evening eating and chatting. He can now come in and out of the compound without even Oskar barking. Oskar is improving with strangers but Pete’s a doggy person anyway.

It was another hot day with a high of 32.6℃ (91℉). I notice that George has left the camping – we’re getting through staff. First Xanthippos and now George. There are so many jobs which need doing and Mikhaiis doesn’t seem to be over-exerting himself.

The negative Google review received yesterday evening was inaccurate in some respects but it was correct regarding the showers and the kitchens. Two weak areas requiring attention. Others have also commented. Many of the other criticisms were just moans from someone trying to make a point. Too much energy is being expended on new things whilst not concentrating on dealing with some of the basics. It will be interesting reading any reply Georgia will produce.

It’s 23:30 so time for bed.


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