The Longest Day – a good title for a film

Today is 21 June, the longest day of 2019 with a top temperature of 33.4℃ and a gentle breeze. The early morning was the coolest for a little while which made the Early Walk more pleasant. For the past few days we’ve seen new tyre tracks out onto the Promontory and once, Kostas’ black Jeep was parked. Today, he had a trailer too. It contained a pump and long lengths of black plastic pipe. He was sitting on top of the rocks as we approached and there was a little barking due to his head torch. He was only a silhouette as we approached and we said good morning but kept going.

The first lap was Obi and Skinny with both Oskar and Charlie as outriders. We were joined by Fido and Luis on the second lap and Oskar found someone or something to bark at. I took Fido and Luis and went to meet Kostas with Skinny and Obi. Skinny was pleased to see Kostas as were Obi and Fido. Luis less so. He’s never really liked Kostas and used to bark at him incessantly. We continued on our way and completed the walk as normal. I ran then went into the sea for twenty minutes. I then got involved with sorting out next door’s irrigation system. The water pressure is much higher now and there are some additional plants to consider. One of the rakers was working there yesterday so some of the hoses were displaced. I got it going and watered all the plants at the front and side. The ones at the rear have to be done by means of the watering can.

I searched through some documents for Pat at EG and sent her a photo of Charlie and Oskar in their recent shorter haired format. We didn’t find the files she was looking for. She will make enquiries of her coworkers. I tidied up some stuff, copied all of the pet passport data to my important information storage and organised a few things.

I’d bought tomatoes the day before yesterday with the intention of stuffing them yesterday. I felt they should be stuffed today so I’ve just devoured two stuffed peppers and some stuffed tomatoes. So I too am stuffed. The dogs have yet to eat and are starting to make representations in that respect. It’s getting cooler as the sun is starting to do down behind the storeroom so I suppose I’d better remove the oven from the table and start putting doggy grub into doggy bowls.

There was another enquiry for Skinny today. A very popular dog it seems. I think this enquiry was from Germany. Skinny and Oskar are currently playing soppily. Skinny is lying on his side with his great paw resting on Oskar’s head. It’s still a little warm for serious fooling about. The clatter of dog bowls should concentrate the mind.

I’m now surrounded by much munching. Skinny is getting the idea about sitting down. He was sitting perfectly still as I picked up his bowl to bring it over to him. To think that he used to chase a few biscuits around the bowl when he was being fed on the beach. Now he chomps his way through three and-a-half measures. More than twice that of Fido, Luis and Obi. I think he’s putting on weight however I’m not in a rush to pick the great lump up to weigh him.

The fig tree has been transplanted to a hole in the ground outside on the other side of the fence. There is some good soil there although solid rock is not that far from the surface. Roots can always find their way into any crack and fig trees seem to be able to grow almost anywhere.


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