The hottest Day – so far…

With a high of 36.1℃ (97℉) today is the hottest day of the year so far. June is often hotter than July and August with days reaching to 45℃ which is quite warm.

That said, it was cooler again this morning for the Early Walk so less strenuous for the run too. There were some bodies on the beach so we had to modify our path to avoid encountering them. Charlie was the only dog which was free on the first circuit so it would probably have been wiser to have had him on the lead as he insisted on barking more than usual when we found the FreeLoaders. Kostas, the SaltMan, was setting up his water pump as we approached the place where he parks his Jeep. He ran the pump for a few moments and then left shortly after. The dogs don’t seem to take much notice of Kostas and I think Charlie was barking more out of surprise than anything else due to the bodies on the beach.

I plodded round my run listening to my book then went in the sea to see if it was still wet. Roosevelt has just died and the allies are making good progress in Germany. The Russians are going to be a bit of a nuisance I fear and that may continue for a little while. I’m definitely of the opinion that the Allies will win the war, just like the last time I listened to this book.

I put up my westerly SunBlocker after my visit to the sea. I felt cool and invigorated. I have not taken down the westerly tent side so have put another row of awning rail to take the SunBlocker. This means that I can zip up the tent side if it gets a little windy or if there’s any rain (!).

I had breakfast and then fell asleep until just before 12:00 so there was a bit of a panic as I prepared for my weekly phone call.

The afternoon passed by fairly uneventfully with dogs sleeping in various locations. Many of them go under the decking or inside the van where it seems cooler than outside. There were some arrivals at the new wooden cabins nearby so we have some shrill voices at present. I expect/hope they are only here for one night.

Two of the four converted toilets and showers appear to be almost ready. These are in the two separate ‘portable’ units adjacent to the main bathrooms. You may recall that Georgia was talking about creating new bathrooms by taking half of the space and converting the workshop. I suggested this would be expensive and proposed adding showers to the rather spacious toilet facilities. This has now been done albeit in a rather haphazard fashion as is the tendency. The adage ‘do it once and do it right’ is a mystery, especially as far as toilet facilities are concerned. At least the plumbing has been carried out by technically competent people although the mess left behind is incredible. There is absolutely no attempt to mitigate the mess created when doing the job and the customer is expected just to accept it and clear it up!

I dragged Maria into the main bathrooms to show her the state of the showers as a customer had expressed concern about the condition of the two showers in the men’s bathroom. In one, two tiles have come off the wall, including the bracket for the shower rose, while in the other cubicle, the rack for placing towels and garments has come detached from the wall. One assumes that Olivia has her eyes open when she cleans and reports defects as they arise. These defects have been present for several days. I did mention them to Mikhailis, but my words fell upon deaf ears. He probably had some very important screws to collect from the town.

Skinny is currently cooling his heels in his compound for cocking his leg in an inappropriate location. He was caught in the act, swiftly told off and dragged, with his tail between his legs, to his compound. Luis is attached to the shelf unit next to me and Fido has been confined inside for excessive barking. Things are now all quiet on the Western Front. The mosquitoes are not yet out but there’s a light breeze which may help to keep them at large.


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