Hot and noisy

People left and were replaced by new arrivals in the new cabins. For a Sunday, they arrived quite late. A group of people in three cars decided to have an all-nighter on Alonáki Beach just opposite me. They were not particularly noisy just enjoying themselves in a relaxed sort of way. Noise travels well in the stillness of the night anyway. The residents of Cedar Bay Villas and the new cabins must have been equally joyous. One of the cars must have become stuck on the beach as there was a certain amount of noise as they tried to get away. Fortunately, there was only one car left as we walked past at around 04:50.

Luis was on the first circuit but sat out the next as Fido and Obi took his place. Everyone went for the final round and were let off the lead. There was some ball chasing and then back to the camping. A lone collector of horta was barked at by Oskar and Kostas was already there when we arrived. I have moved the small collection of doggy accessories to a different secret location slightly higher up. With sundry horta collectors and Kostas, it might be more prudent to relocate the dogs to a less prominent position with a more restricted view. If they make a noise, the sound will go out to sea and annoy fewer people. What they don’t see, they won’t bark at: hopefully…

A plate of horta – I like horta

I ran my loop then went in the sea after watering the plants and feeding the cats. This time, I swam to the Big Beach but only recorded a few meters on my watch. There was breakfast, some snoozing, some IT work, clearing up dog sick from the van floor and other little tasks. The van floor was overdue a mop anyway.

It has been nearly as hot as yesterday: a difference of 0.3℃. The night was hot but the early morning a little cooler for the walk and run. It has been a bit windy today with gusts to 5Bft ( 39km/h) and one of the elastic bungee things on the south SunBlocker has come undone.

Only Luis was inside last night as Skinny was in his run and Oskar, Fido and Charlie were in the houses in the run. I tried them free in the run but the excitement from the beach was too much for them and there were occasional outbursts so I rearranged them. It was too hot for them all to be in the van and they’d been a bit vocal earlier anyway.

As suspected, the Russians are taking over the Eastern European countries and are ignoring the provisions of the Yalta Conference. Hitler has killed himself, the Germans have surrendered and the atomic bombs have been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Winston is soon to be replaced as Prime Minister by Clement Attlee as a General Election has been held which elected a socialist government.

I bumped into Xanthippos this morning, or rather, I suspect he deliberately bumped into me. He is now working at Cedar Bay Villas and was telling me how well it was all going. He doesn’t work many hours but the work is not demanding and he has Sunday off. He came in last Sunday, for want of something to do, and was told to take the day off! He is picking up other work as well. He appeared more presentable than usual and seemed relaxed. He tells me another five villas will be constructed nearby.

The westerly wind has blown the western SunBlocker through the open tent window. I need to find a way of anchoring the bottom of the SunBlocker to the decking but so that Skinny doesn’t tie himself and his line up in it. He’s been invisible today – under the decking from the look of his wire.


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