Shopping trip

It had to be done as there was a distinct lack of food so I couldn’t afford to put it off much longer. I have a meal in the freezer but that’s not really the kind of meal when it’s hot. I try not to keep much in the freezer when the camping’s busy as they take up quite a bit of space. The roadworks are progressing and I can see that the giant toothpick has been at work demolishing one of the outcrops which restrict the width of the road. There is a further outcrop which seriously restricts the width of the road but that will require closing the road. Unless there are plans to build a tunnel, which I doubt.

Sections of the road now have no remaining tarmac and require a graceful passage to avoid the creation of excessive dust and flicking up stones. I went by car as not only was it windy but also hot. And with the state of the road, I couldn’t be doing with it. There was a group of cyclists heading west which I passed on my way back. I’m sure they enjoyed the trip.

I bought loads of food and ordered 80kg of dog food and some tins of meat. This was delivered by my man later in the day. He knows where to put it all and today he even had a helper. The warehouse is on the way past the camping so I don’t see why I should have to hump the stuff around myself. It has been put carefully away in the storeroom on the remains of one of the dreaded pallet chairs which was damaged for some reason.

Yannis served me and gave me a discount on my purchases which is always welcome. We discussed ‘width’ and ‘length’ then got into ‘diagonal’ which we decided had been borrowed from Greek. I bunged my shopping in the back of the car then brought back the shopping basket. The drive back to the camping was bumpy and dusty but the car is so dirty as to make no difference. The people who are unfortunate enough to live beside the road must be sick to death of all the noise and dust. At least someone is doing well out of it because Antonis was fixing a large piece of heavy plant as I drove by.

The Early Walk went according to plan. I returned with a similar number of dogs as I left and, despite Skinny disappearing for an extended period, he was puffed but back in time for biscuits. He has a good walk with me then takes himself off for a run. Like a Greyhound, he wears himself out quite quickly. He’s a soppy bugger! He’s sitting near my chair as I type this with me tickling him under the chin and scratching his ears. I think we can say he’s integrated now as they all seen to get on nicely. I might even go so far as to say that he’s had a calming effect on the others. I will probably live to regret that statement.

Other useful activities of the day include arranging for the battery which I installed in my laptop last August to be returned to Belgium as it’s defective. It will need packing up and taking to the post office: another trip to town. Hurrah. I’ve reached the end of Winston Churchill’s war memoirs for at least the second time. Each book is around 8 – 10 hours long which means quite a few mornings runs to listen to all of them. What shall I listen to next? I might get into the Cold War having lived through it.

I am now clean having visited the shower. There is some vlita in the Instant Pot together with some rice. It’s the first time I’ve cooked vlita but suppose it will be like spinach but different. There was loads of lovely spinach and vlita in the supermarket so impossible to resist. I might be eating greens for a few days as I might have overestimated the quantities. The spinach is residing in the central kitchen refrigerator as mine is a little full.

The day has been sunny and warm although very windy with gusts to 68.4km/h or 42.5mph. The forecast is for more wind tomorrow and then again over the weekend. I hope this is not going to be one of those windy summers.


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