Like a dog!

I’m getting used to it now by my laptop is running like a dog. It’s ponderous and slow but I’m getting used to it. When the replacement battery eventually arrives, it will be like a new laptop!

I’m not entirely sure why I was awake at 04:20 but I decided to get up as the dogs were restless. One reason might have been because it was 27℃ under the canopy. The LOWEST temperature so far today has been 26.6℃! I managed to sleep regardless. The dogs will be in their houses tonight as I think it’s too hot for them in the van. They have also been a bit prone to occasional yappiness in the evenings so we need to have a rethink on dog management especially as it’s Friday and the camping will get busy for the weekend.

The pussies are becoming more of a distraction, particularly for Luis. He has systematically destroyed the green fabric attached to the entrance gate. It is now three years old so not as strong as it was. I have put a piece of board on the angle where the fence joins the gate and a piece of metal plate, borrowed from the camping, on the bottom right of the gate. He finds it difficult to chew either the metal plate or the wood. The kittens love to play outside the storeroom door sending Luis into paroxysms of barking. They rush in and out, chasing and bashing each other, climbing the tree and jumping out. He just cannot control himself so I have to tie him to the shelf unit to keep him calm. Skinny then wanders by, tangling his line with Luis’ lead which can result in undesirable consequences if Skinny decides to rush off and attack Charlie for example. Skinny has a particular passion for trying to bite Charlie’s head off. Charlie, for some reason, doesn’t seem to mind that much. Or so it seems…

Antonis arrived bearing a large bag containing aubergines which he had acquired from somewhere. He said there was a load of them going begging so he liberated them and I was one of the lucky recipients. We briefly discussed Sascha’s Spaniakos project and agreed to go out there tomorrow to have a look at what needs to be done. Apparently, the olive trees should not ideally be cut until the autumn. In any event, we wouldn’t be able to burn the cuttings at this time of the year as the fire department would go ballistic. Something to do with burning the island down I believe.

The Early Walk was fairly uneventful with the usual number of dogs at the end as at the beginning. Skinny and Obi did all circuits, Charlie most of them but disappeared at one point. Oskar wandered in and out, Fido did two and Luis just about managed one complete circuit under duress. By the time the walk is complete I have around 6.3km on the scoreboard. With the run, that gets me to just over 11km all before 08:00. With a little time in the sea, I can close the dreaded Move Ring before 09:00. The Stand becomes problematic as I have taken to charging my watch when I come back from the sea so forget to put it back on and then fall asleep. Sleeping is not counted as standing time so a big hole appears in the status bar: black for not wearing the watch and grey for not standing. Naughty!

The high today is 36.4℃ and the low as stated earlier. The wind forecast for the weekend still promises a little disruption particularly on Sunday.

Whichever way you look at it, breezy it will be if the reality is equal to that which is forecast. The forecast for next week looks, at this point in time, to be fairly calm.

I’m contemplating what to eat as I’m not feeling very hungry, I might entertain myself with a little salad as I have tomatoes, cucumber, olives and onion. The idea of cooking something is extremely low on my list.

So far, Fido, Charlie and Oskar have made it to the SDC where they will stay the night. They have been guilty of barking giving me the opportunity to remove them from the main compound. Silence now reigns…


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