And now we’re seven

Poor Skinny is out for the count. As I mentioned yesterday, I’d keep Skinny on the lead then take him on an enforced run with me. Just to cut out the running away bit then not coming back at the end of the walk. I tied him to his long lead as I got ready to go then took him with me. None of the cats were visible as we passed the storeroom and they have not been there since last evening. The Early Walk was cool again so not too much of a hardship. I took Charlie off-lead on the first loop and I suspect there may have been someone sleeping on the beach somewhere. He did a lot of barking but eventually caught us up. I took a different route the next time around. This time accompanied by Fido. The next included Oskar and finally Luis. I let them all go once I’d passed the spot where the FreeLoaders might have been. We walked the rocks and then went for a wander. I only had one ball so we contented ourselves with just playing today, Kostas left before us and there was no sign of any freeloader as we passed the place where Charlie was barking. Xanthippos’ steed was parked up so he was already at work.

Skinny and I went for a run which went well. He was not quite so eager on the last kilometre. Skinny has been sleeping quite a bit today and is still curled up on the decking. I went in the sea and got chatting to a couple staying for three weeks(!) at Cedar Bay Villas. They will move into the largest villa next week as their son is coming to stay. This is the third year they have stayed at CBV. They said they were impressed by Xanthippos’ devotion to duty and the care he took to ensure their pool was properly clean. He questioned me later about our conversation.

I had breakfast but was disturbed a little later on by some excessive barking and interest in the fence. A small black dog was roaming around which looked similar to one which belongs to a member of staff. Μιχάλισ appeared from out of the workshop to ask my if I’d take the dog which has been hanging around the camping for the last few weeks. Ursula said the dog was even around when they were here. I took him up to see Maria who confirmed he was not the staff dog. She said that, due to her allergies she was unable to take him. I offered him to a customer but he already had a dog. I took his picture and sent it to Antonis with a description we’ll see what transpires. He now occupies the former Boris/Skinny compound and has been out for socialisation walks with Fido, Luis and Oskar so far. Whilst out with Luis, we met an older Austrian guy with an old Hymer motorhome who was parked on Alonáki Beach. We had a chat and Luis and SBD got to know each other.

It has been another fine day with plenty of sunshine but no wind. The top temperature is 31.8℃ and did I mention the lack of wind?


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