Hottest day

Today’s high is 39ºC so the hottest day for this year. The temperature under the awning made it to 39.9ºC so it felt a little close. It’s July so it’s hot. Just the way it is.

Last night, a certain SBD started up his racket just as I was putting the others to bed. He now knows that you get put into a cage if you make a racket. I went off for a shower in the newly-adopted loo/shower converted cubicles. There’s no working light so I took my own. The water was not hot as it was 22:30 but I was about to go to bed so the cooler the better. The night was very hot so not ideal sleeping conditions and I felt sticky when I got up on the alarm. At least there were no disturbances during the night.

I didn’t take SBD with the others this morning but took him alone afterwards. The Early Walk was hard work as it was 31ºC when we set off across the field at 04:55! The dogs were less than enthusiastic so I took only Obi and Skinny the first time, then released Charlie. Next time I swapped Obi for Fido and went round twice. I went back and released the others so that we could wander the rocks. There was only one FreeLoader, a single, female backpacker at the northernmost point of the Big Beach. Then back to the Factory so I could take SBD. He and I went over the field and then wandered the first part of the Promontory. He did what he needed to do and we walked across Grammeno Beach back through the camping.

Skinny and I then went out for a sweaty and sticky run as now it was only 30ºC! Sweating cleans the skin so I’m told. Afterwards, I discharged Skinny who went directly under the decking and I headed for the sea for a quick swim. By this time I’d walked 7.52km and run 4.75km so I had little energy for much swimming and just floated around in the sea. I had a shower in the red outdoor showers then made breakfast. I knew it would be fatal if I sat down so just kept going.

After breakfast, I had a little relaxation time and contemplated my navel. I was due a delivery so wandered to reception to find Maria holding court with a number of customers hanging around for various purposes. I picked up my three packages and took my leave. I’ve been fiddling with my toys: a replacement set of Solar lights for nighttime, a wireless thermometer switch thingie which I plan to set up to monitor the hot water heater during the winter to save me traipsing over to the washing machine store to switch it on and off. The whole thing can be done automatically using this device which acts as a manual switch, a daily timer as well as giving a readout of the water temperature. It is connected to WiFi so I can control the whole thing from my phone. My other package was four more, simpler devices which can be used to monitor electricity sockets during the winter season. These will allow me to calculate electricity consumption and read the results from my phone. The clever device fits into the electrical box so no lugging meter boxes around. All for under £10 each!

The dogs have had their little evening walk down to the beach and back and are finishing off the last morsels of their food. It is still 31.3ºC. There are still plenty of people on Alonáki Beach so I suspect the music drifting across the field may continue into the night.

I have my new lights to look forward to!


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