The plague

Maria asked me if I’d hold the fort in the office tomorrow whilst she goes to vote in the General Election. She offered me a morning or evening slot. As I thought there might be more departures than arrivals, I chose the evening slot. It’s also defined as she might disappear for the whole day if I offer to take the morning. Maria was telling me that Georgia has been unwell and under the doctor. She gave me far more detail than was actually required but then it appears to be a national trait to share the most intimate details of one’s current affliction.

The Early Walk was particularly uneventful but cooler than yesterday which made it that little more pleasant. I didn’t take SBD as we went on our own separate walk later. He seems happy with this arrangement and it’s not much more effort for me. Skinny and I went running and appear to have almost made friends with the German Shepherd which guards some PolyTunnels over in Kountoura.

I swam and had breakfast before my weekly call home. In the remainder of the afternoon I cleaned inside the van a little, changed the bag on the vacuum cleaner and tidied up the under canopy area.

Although not as warm as yesterday, it was warm enough with a high of 35.6ºC. The early morning was cooler partly due to a gentle northerly breeze which made it a lot more bearable.

Contrary to expectations, there are not that many people on the camping although the cabins seem quite full. There is only one motorhome on the beach and only one in the other bays.

If Maria gets permission to go off to Chania to vote tomorrow, it should be quite calm in the office. Famous last words…


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