R I P Boris + 1

It was one year ago today that Boris passed away.

Boris 2004 – 2018

There was no excessive barking from SBD in the night so he may have grasped the correlation between barking and getting locked in a cage. We went out at about the usual time and had an enjoyable walk. Kostas was not on the Promontory but then he was filling the rock pools with water yesterday so there may not be enough salt worth collecting.

It was fairly warm but with a gentle breeze so not stifling. There were no FreeLoaders lurking on any of the beaches. I seemed to be the most active of the walkers so I traded Obi and Fido for Luis and Oskar. Luis just about made it round to where I normally release him. They came back nicely, went into the van and I set off with SBD on the end of a long lead. Xanthippos called over to me as I walked past Cedar Bay Villas and he met me in the car park. He was telling me about his day and the fact he had a little job over at Anydri. [A customer just came to reception as I’m watching via the camera. He’s wearing swimming trunks so probably only wants something from the shop.] SBD kept wrapping himself around Xanthippos’ legs. He asked if the dog would run away if let off the lead so I let him go to see. He ran around madly for a few moments then disappeared up the beach and into the camping. I found him playing with my northerly neighbour’s dog. We now know that he returns to the camping when let off the lead.

I unenthusiastically took Skinny for a run and then went to float around in the sea for a bit. It was already getting hot so I got on with my breakfast so that I could eat it and then fall asleep for a while. In fact, the day has been quite lacking in activity as I’ve spent quite a bit of it doing very little. All that cleaning yesterday must have tired me out.

I had a stint at the office to do so that Maria could drive to Chania in order to vote in the General Election. I arrived at the office around 17:15 and stayed until 19:00. I provided information for one customer and sold one small bottle of shampoo from the shop. I have since closed up the reception and returned to my chair to keep an eye on the office via the CCTV camera. I was not idling my time away whilst on duty as there was a new printer, copier, scanner in the office which had been plonked on one of the coffee tables in front of the desk. There was a USB cable from the printer to Maria’s laptop so she could access the printer. Maria mentioned that the printer had arrived the previous day and meant to tell me about it. I removed the old colour inkjet printer from the desk and put it on top of a tall cupboard where it can gather dust for a few years. I disconnected some of the spaghetti of wires to plug in the portable telephone and the credit card reader, removing any I felt were unnecessary. I moved the new printer to the space occupied by the old one, connected it to the network and set it up. I then got it to work with Maria’s laptop so my time in reception was not totally unproductive. Maria can now print over the network from any location in the camping. So can I for that matter! Having a printer will be handy.

I’m waiting for the sun to go down a little lower before taking the dogs out for their evening socialisation walk. It’s only a short walk but it makes them calmer for the remainder of the evening. It’s a fag getting them organised for such a short walk but they probably think it’s worth it. Last night I took Luis, Oskar and Obi on the first walk with SBD then Skinny, Fido and Charlie the next time around.

The General Election was called early and is taking place in the summer. It is hoped that people will go out to vote despite the possibility of temperatures of nearly 40ºC. In fact, it was 37.6ºC here. It looks as though the New Democracy Party will win ousting the leftist Syriza government for conservatives. Whether anything much will change is a matter for speculation. Tsipras had limited scope due to the Troika and the various bailout controls.


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