New Democracy won

As I’m sure you know, New Democracy, the conservative centrist part won the election and have a decent majority in parliament. It appears that Mr Varoufakis’ new party did better than expected ending up with around five seats. Golden Dawn didn’t manage to get the 3% required so received no seats at all. They say they are not finished. Others may have different ideas as various individuals are investigated for a number of wrongdoings.

I was deeply asleep when the alarm sounded having been woken in the night by SBD and Charlie, who I accidentally on purpose left outside. The bar seems to have been running late and some of the patrons were quite relaxed and were suffering from alcohol-related deafness. I put SBD, who was woofing, in his house and invited Charlie in. All was quiet. I went back to sleep and that was that.

The Early Walk was uneventful and Kostas was not there. It is possible that he is coming in the evenings but then again, the tyre tracks appear quite old. Skinny and I ran after I walked SBD right around the Promontory. The Early Walk was a little shorter as none of the dogs appeared very active. Even Skinny was tied up for one circuit. It was quite warm with very little breeze.

I paddled and had breakfast: the morning disappeared into a number of little jobs and some inactivity. It was hot and at one point I noticed the temperature under the canopy was 39.9ºC. The top temperature for today is 38.3ºC so maybe the second hottest day of the year so far.

I had a support email from an EG member in the morning requesting a password reset and another from Annette wishing to know how her gallery inventory software was. I told her the server had gone on a permanent holiday to Crete but I could crank up the application she required as and when necessary. She will let me know. She’s writing another book about the EG collection. I used to work with Annette quite a bit. Decorating the gallery, sorting the lighting and setting up the exhibits. Not counting my exhibition roadshows and the Olympic postcards.

Some doggy interest in the southern fence revealed, on closer inspection, Skinny on the other side of the fence. I put him in with SBD just for a change. Skinny decided he’d had enough of SBD’s company and scaled the fence. It’s a while since he jumped that bit of the fence. I went round and picked him up. I put him into the compound and left him playing with the others. I came back from the central kitchen to find him jumping over the fence again, He came to me, I lead him in and put him back on his long line. I’m not sure quite what goes on in his head. Not a lot I suspect. He’s just another potty dog to the collection.

We’ve had our second little two-part walk, they have eaten and so shall I. There are loads of chirping insects all around and very few mosquitoes so far as I can ascertain.


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