Making up for it

Mr Yappy started making noises just as I was going to bed but then I hoped he might stop. Wrong! So I had to get out of bed to put him in his house. I suspect he actually wants to be put in his house in a sort of masochistic way. Peace resumed until my alarm woke me at 04:30. It was cooler so the dogs, particularly Skinny, were more motivated than the previous day. When I say cooler, I mean only 24ºC, some 5ºC cooler. Skinny was doing his hunting dog routine going after anything or any scent he came across. It’s a bit wearing to have to walk a dog like this but it tires him out which is the main thing. It was only once we were leaving that I spotted a car hiding behind the bushes in the car park. There was also a pickup but this was from one of the horta gatherers who cunningly managed to avoid being found by the dogs. We didn’t encounter any FreeLoaders so perhaps they know about the ‘Hounds of Grammeno’ and decided to sleep up a tree!

We arrived back and I took SBD for a spin around the Promontory. He voluntarily circled back towards Grammeno Beach so we didn’t have to go as far as I’d intended. Skinny and I ran and then I went into the sea for a wallow and a float about. Breakfast and then a couple of support activities. I needed to find a solution so that Annette can finish off her book. Depending on what she needs, it might just be as easy for her to connect to the old virtual desktop over the Internet. If she plans to use it intensively, it may be better to give her a copy of the virtual machine which she could run from her own computer in England. The only slight difficulty is that in August, it gets very hot here and it’s possible that the server will keep shutting down once the temperature reaches 35ºC which is not an uncommon scenario.

I’ve just put the dinner on. I bet I look lovely in it! It’s an evolution of the last of the aubergines with the last of the tomatoes together with an onion, all chopped up and bunged in the Instant Pot for seven minutes. The concoction from last night was quite not bad in the end.

The dogs are now more active having done little other than snooze all day. Fido is grooming Oskar attentively, Skinny is trying to bite Charlie’s head off as well as get tangled up in anything he can wind himself around. I have to keep unhooking him from his line to unravel him. If only he’d stop climbing the fence he wouldn’t need the line at all. What a soppy dog!

They are expecting me to take them for a walk any moment which is why there’s all this activity. SBD is on full alert as he’s been here long enough now to recognise the triggers for the next event: walk, food, bed etc.

All dogs now walked, my food is cooking in the Instant pot, the dogs are digesting their dinners and things are relatively calm. The chirpy insects are chirping!

It’s still 30ºC and it’s 21:30.


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