Hottest day of the year – so far…

I decided preemptive action was necessary with SBD so went into his compound just before I went to bed. last night Whereupon he promptly disappeared into his house without me having to do anything other than shutting the door after him! Result!

We struggled around the Early Walk as well as the Evening Walk. I took six out in the morning and all seven out together in the evening as I really couldn’t be doing with two similar walks (4+4 with SBD x 2) and it was so hot the dogs couldn’t care either.

Despite it being 27ºC when we got up this morning, we, or at least I, managed 8km between the two walks. Some time was wasted due to a power cut around 05:30 and me sorting out the weather station when we got back from the Early Walk. As a consequence, delay set in, the run was later and 33ºC so both Skinny and I were not really up for it so we walked the last bit. I didn’t go to the sea but had a cold shower. I had things to do so drank lots of tea and had breakfast later. I should really have gone to the supermarket as I was virtually out of fruit but really could not be bothered. Too hot to struggle into town through dust and heat.

The fan has been working all day. I’ve drunk countless cups of tea and watered my head a couple of times. It has been generally hot and sweaty.

There were a couple of support calls and I ordered my batteries from China. My solar project is beginning: the research phase is almost complete. Half the fun really. All those YouTube videos with people talking about battery banks and solar panels. It will be a while before my consignment arrives from Shenzhen as it’s coming by sea and then delivered via courier. The Chinese representative from the company is very hard working and answers my emails almost immediately. Buying from the manufacturer is the cheapest way and I made sure all the shipping, taxes and duty was included in the price so there should be no nasty surprises when the consignment arrives in Piraeus.

The dogs are crashed out on the decking except for Charlie who has taken up residence on the pallet by the gate to the field. He prefers to spend the night out there if he can but I try to get him in to avoid any noise later. Luis is guarding an empty 20kg dog food bag and growls ferociously when approached by any dog. The bag is empty but he’s not about to share its emptiness with anyone!

I suppose I’d better eat something.

The high for today is 40.8ºC or 105.4℉, so quite warm.


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