A sheet!

He was in his cage before I got to him but I gave him his reward biscuits anyway. What a good boy and not a sound during the night. Except for Skinny who started barking at some rather strident distant voices. I was not really awake so have little idea where the voices originated. There was no one on the Promontory when we went out so it remains a mystery. Skinny was asked very nicely to shut up his barking and he complied.

I reached for a sheet in the night. A complete reversal of the previous night when I slept with the fan on for most of the night. Funny weather. It was still cool when we went out so we made good progress. There were no real events other than the two guys and the small boy who fish and collect salt. They arrived somewhat noisily at the point where I’d tied Fido, Luis and Obi to a bush due to slow progress and Oskar and Charlie were free. Skinny and I were further to the south when Oskar started with his racket. I yelled at him from afar to shut up which he eventually did. Oskar is a student of Luis so will bark at anything or even nothing. In fact, I feel that Oskar is taking over from Luis as the noisiest dog. He loves the sound of his own voice and isn’t afraid to use it.

I let Fido and Luis off lead when I completed the circuit with Skinny and it was not long before we were heading back to the camping. There were two pickups in the beach car park plus two motorhomes of which one was there overnight. I suspect it’s their second night there. SBD and I set off to do it all over again via the camping main entrance and Alonáki Beach. The men and the small boy were fishing at the end of the Promontory so I decided to not bother going over the rocks. We came back on Grammeno Beach and into the camping. Skinny and I then set off for our run which was followed by a swim for me. The waves have piled sand up on the water margin which has exposed rocks in places. The water was warm and reasonably calm.

I watered Janne and Erica’s plants and fiddled around with their irrigation system as one of the T-joints was blocked so a plant was not getting watered. I had breakfast, drank tea and chilled for a little. I needed to do a little research for Annette’s computer and there was another support call later on from Sue at Inter Sport. Not a very demanding day and not too hot either. The top temperature is 34.1ºC with a minimum of only 24.3ºC giving a difference of nearly 10ºC since the morning. It was good to be cooler for a change.

From the sounds issuing from all around, the camping is a little busier for the weekend. I heard pegs being driven into the ground earlier so suspect I may have some near neighbours. The cats also might need feeding judging by the noise coming from Luis who is at the gate accompanied by Fido and Oskar. I’d better investigate.

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