No awakenings

No alarms, no power outages, no dogs squeaking just a good, solid night’s sleep! I did wake up ten minutes earlier than my alarm so could relax decadently for a while. Skinny was waiting for me outside the door so was as bouncy as usual. IT’s not such a big deal now that our Germanic neighbours who were right up against the fence have departed. The nearest residents are some Greeks with a small boy who was very keen to see the kittens last night.

There might have been a FreeLoader on the Promontory although I’m not sure. Charlie made a bit of a racket but I think it might just have been the phase of the moon, tide or time of the month – all the aforementioned probably connected in some way. There was no sign of Kostas so it may be a while before he returns. Freshwater in his salt ponds is not going to help. All of the vehicle tracks are old and obliterated by doggy or human footprints.

The walk went as expected so we were back at the camping by 06:30 and I was out again once more with SBD and Skinny for a further thirty-five-minutes to do it all again. By the time Skinny and I had run, we’d covered some 12km. Not bad before 08:15! I went in the sea for a bit then returned to release the dogs and make some breakfast. Tomorrow, I shall need to do some shopping as the fridge is bare.

A couple of support calls punctuated the day and I checked out my own Windows computer which keeps shutting down. I’ve got it working again but suspect it’s having a bad day due to the temperature. The older models used to shut down at around 40℃ however the newer ones it’s 35℃ which is a more likely summer temperature in sunny Crete. I think I shall need to remove the server from its cramped quarters and transport it outside where there’s more ventilation and it’s marginally cooler. The month is running out so I need to get on with it.

Running out through the camping main entrance and car park early this morning, I was able to take in the number of vehicles parked thereabouts. It appears that the camping is at last beginning to look busier by the day. During the busiest times, there are cars parked outside on the verge as well as across the road opposite. It’s a little more tricky this year as there’s a big hole across the road which has some pretty heavy-duty reinforcing and looks as though it’s awaiting some concrete.

I watched an interesting series of YouTube videos about renewable energy on the Orkney Isles. Apparently, they are net exporters of electricity due to the amount of wind and wave energy-powered electricity they produce. There are quite a few electric cars as electricity is cheap and plentiful. New buildings are being constructed from the ground up not to use oil-fired heating systems but incorporating the Tesla PowerWall battery bank to store energy during the day. There is some solar PV but the bulk of the energy is derived from wind and waves. There is rarely a shortage of either it would seem.

Both of the male kittens were rolling over to have their tummies tickled this morning. One of them appears to have a poor sore paw but I can’t make out what the problem is. I need to get to grips with a visit to the vet and to arrange for them to be neutered. I don’t want to be part of the problem.

I’ve not spoken to Maria recently and I’ve not seen or heard Georgia. Her pickup is parked outside her house but the other car is nowhere to be seen. Everyone in the camping seems quite relaxed which indicates that she’s probably not here. It might be my imagination, but this year she seems to be spending more time in Chania than previously. Perhaps she has more confidence in the staff or maybe she is still unwell. So many unanswered questions.

I have a load of prostrate dogs littering the floor all about yet I know that if I make the slightest move from my chair, they will all leap to their feet demanding a walk. I suppose I’d better get on with it…

Dogs now walked and fed so relatively quiet for now. There are new inmates in the enhanced cabins. Yet more Little Darlings! My Instant Pot has gone beep so I need to get on with it.


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