Big delivery

No fireworks, alarms, powercuts or barking. A completely peaceful night without interruption until my alarm at 04:30. I was quite busy before my alarm so I suppose it wasn’t totally without interruption. And that was a sleep-induced business.

It was a little windy and warm as we set off across the field at 04:46. The large, American RV (motorhome) which was parked north-south in the Grammeno Beach car park as we walked back yesterday evening, had migrated to a place on Alonáki Beach. There was also a Swiss car and caravan so I suspect they are together. Both sets of FreeLoaders, those with and without dogs were no longer present. Those with dogs had gone prior to the Evening Walk. The other couple was about to strike their tent which was on the beach. I’d tied the dogs to a couple of trees whilst I went for a quick swim on our way back last night. It was only after a little while they noticed the tent and barked at it. There was no one there anyway.

Skinny and SBD went out next. We were passed by Xanthippos on his fairy steed. He stopped to inform me that he’s so busy now that he’s working at CBV, walking Georgia’s dogs and doing his own little extra jobs. Somehow I guessed that it might dawn on Georgia that she relies on Xanthippos to walk her dogs summer and especially winter. During our walk, we even found time for a little sit down on the beach in the sand. Unfortunately, SBD is not very good at sitting down as he always likes to be jumping around. He’s quite a high-energy dog. I will probably take him with the others in the morning as I feel they are bored enough with him not to bother trying to eat him anymore. The summer walk regime requires the dogs to be on the lead a lot of the time and, by the time they are released near the end, they are probably too tired to care.

Skinny and I went running against a westerly wind which was fairly strong at times. We completed our circuit and I’ve not seen much of Skinny since. He’s been lurking under the decking asleep. I went into the sea for the second time in just over twenty-four hours!

I had a number of little jobs to do which included updating Gilles’ monthly dance site: should you wish to view it. I also had to answer an email from Barbara in Australia who is creating the new websites for EG using my hosting in Athens. I had a couple of telephone calls for EG which I fielded to the Lovely Louise in admin.

Maria phoned me from the reception to tell me I’d received a package and to ask if I could install two new POS (Point Of Sale) devices AKA card readers. This took only a few minutes and I disappeared with my package. Maria told me that Georgia had been in hospital for several days due to some horrible bug she’d picked up. She is home now and will be back at the camping soon.

Lots of racket outside my gate announced the arrival of a big, green box. Chatting to Μιχάλισ later, I discovered it to be a large, Chinese, diesel, 30+ kVA generator. He mentioned ages ago that Georgia was planning to get a generator capable of keeping the whole camping going but, like many things I hear, I took it with a pinch of salt. Apparently, it cost €6,500, produces 31kVA of electricity and starts and stops automatically. I’m going to know when it’s working as I should imagine the entire building will shake in its foundations. He told me the electricity will be out for an entire day next week as it’s necessary to carry out some important work to the main supply panel. The new generator should be up and running by the end of tomorrow.

After a reasonably quiet day, the wind has got up enough to break one of the rubber bungees on the southern SunBlocker. Today’s high is 34.4℃ and the low 25.8℃. It is blowing so the Promontory should be as deserted as it was yesterday evening. Maybe the dogs will be tied to the trees again.

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