Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly Event

Or RUD event = It blew up!
I just love this expression so wanted to share it.

Early to bed last night with an undisturbed night. Charlie chose to spend the night outside in the second-largest house. The others, except Obi, had no option but to be inside or locked in. I was awake a little early so we got off to a rapid start. I took SBD with all the others this morning so that I could streamline the walking experience and only go out once. We arrived just after Kostas who kept busy gathering his salt. Two cars were parked in the GB car park and we quickly discovered a tent on the Big Beach complete with light. The people didn’t seem to be hanging around as it looked as though they were packing up as we left around 06:10. We were back nice and early so Skinny and I were out running by 06:45. I was in the sea at 07:22 and back at the van by 07:40. It was a relief not to have to go on two walks although Skinny seems to have spent less time snoozing today as a result.

I had a busy day because I decided to reset my Windows PC as it keeps shutting down. That done, I was able to finish off the VM for Annette so I just have to transfer it and set it up on her computer. It might take a while to transfer as it’s a big file. That’s for another day.

I left SBD out in the main compound this morning but with Luis tied to the shelf unit and Oskar in the former Boris run as he gets noisy when there are [French] people close to the fence. Fortunately, I think they have now left the camping. All was calm and tranquil until I popped out to get something from the fridge in the central kitchen. There was a certain amount of barking, Oskar had forced open the gate to the run and Skinny had snapped open his collar. I arrived to find lots of dogs wandering around as if to say “nothing to do with me, guv”. I went away, back to the fridge and all remained calm. SBD does ask for trouble as he’s constantly in the faces of Oskar and Charlie in particular. On the Evening Walk yesterday, I was so fed up with him wanting to go to Oskar and Charlie that I swapped him over so he was with them. This morning he was with Obi and Skinny as they both do three laps and I wanted to wear SBD out too. He was ahead of the others but constantly trying to turn round or cross over in front of me to be with them. Maybe he’ll be a little more circumspect now.

Today’s high is 35.1℃ with a low of 26.7℃ – quite a high low. The cooling wind was a bonus this morning although it was hard running into it but good having it behind on the way back. The forecast is for similar temperatures and more draughtiness for the next few days.

The group of French youth which was under the trees at the top of the camping has left. It will now be calmer and quieter. Not that they were a nuisance, just numerous and youthful. The new generator is not in service yet but Μιχάλισ assures me it will be αύριο (tomorrow).

The lovely Mandy from China emailed to inform me that my batteries and associated items should arrive at the beginning of September. It will take a while as it’s coming by sea. The UK company sent me an email to inform me that my solar panels and associated items should arrive before the end of the month. UK is nearer than China and solar panels, although heavy, are not as heavy as the batteries.


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