Hot and sticky – please note: no reference to bishop or actress!

It was 28℃ in the night so I woke up feeling hot and sticky a couple of times. I was pleased to get up and out as at least there was a westerly breeze. The Early walk included everyone again and with an absence of FreeLoaders, it was fairly straightforward. We didn’t see Kostas today and there were no fresh tracks to indicate his passage. We were back in the camping by 06:30 and Skinny and I disappeared off towards Kountoura. I’m glad we didn’t go any later as it was hotter on the way back due to the elevation of the sun. I paddled in the sea then returned for breakfast.

It’s been another busy day with lots of IT tasks to keep me busy. The lovely Barbara from Melbourne called me for a five-minute chat which turned into a fifty-minute chat. I’m glad I wasn’t paying for that phone call! She says Melbourne is miserable and cold, 5℃ or something like that. She says she lives in Sandringham so I asked if she’d seen the Queen at the supermarket. I’ve spent a fair amount of time messing around with the new EG websites making one of them live and accessible to the masses.

The afternoon passed away in sticky IT work with little in the way of other excitement. The doggies have spent most of the time panting or sleeping consequently little barking which made a pleasant change. Admittedly, Luis has been attached to the shelf unit so close enough for my toe to connect with his bottom in case of transgression.

It is still nearly 33℃ so our evening walk may just be a wander around the field.

The temperature as of 20:25 – the Evening Walk didn’t get off the ground
I said it was hot!

No walk but the dogs are now fed. I need to let Luis go for a wander as he’s been attached since the Early Walk so may require to make a deposit. I need to think about some food for myself, however, at present, I’m not feeling very hungry so may wait until it cools down a little more.

It would appear that the generator is still not operational although I heard some clattering from the direction of the workshop earlier.

A young family in one of the nearby enhanced cabins has a baby as well as other small children. I should imagine the cabins make ideal accommodation for them.

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