Luis is a fan

A little late getting up this morning as I inadvertently altered my alarm time by a few minutes. My guilty sub-conscious and the fidgeting dogs took over so it was only a few minutes. We’d scoped out the FreeLoaders the previous evening so their locations were noted. Contrary to my concerns, there were no leftover revellers from the previous evening. I remember one year discovering a prone object with his dogs who appeared to have decided to take refuge on the Promontory but had not made it. He simply slept where he’d landed – in the middle of the path.

I modified the walk protocol completing two laps with Skinny, SBD and Obi then a further two laps with the addition of Charlie and Fido. Luis and Oskar just had the walk there and back with only Fido and Charlie being free for the last part. Apart from the two lots of FreeLoaders, Kostas and his salt, the two guys with the young boy and a couple with a dog, there was another dog tied up on Anonàki Beach alongside a van. Getting past the dog was tricky but we managed with minimal disruption to those nearby.

I went swimming off the Big Beach having tied the dogs to some trees. Like the previous day, I could see a couple with a dog on Grammeno Beach. They decided they wanted a swim so appeared on the Promontory. With Grammeno Beach right in front of them? I’m not sure I understand. The dog broke away from the couple, the woman ran after it to try to reacquire it and there was a little mayhem. I was safely in the water some distance away so left them to sort it all out. My dogs needed their leads untangling before we could go back. The couple and their dog continued to the Small Beach and learned why I was on the Big one and not there. It’s too rocky for sensible bathing.

After splashing about for a while, I got out, untangled the dogs and returned to the camping via the Alonáki Barking Dog. My lot had been exercised so were less interested than earlier. I did all the usual morning stuff and eventually had some breakfast. I spent the morning uploading the big file I need to transmit to Annette and eventually signed-up for a file transfer service which uploaded the entire file in around six hours. Better than the fourteen hours suggested by TeamViewer. The file is now downloading on Annette’s computer so hopefully, I can install and set it up and put that one to bed. Annette is visiting her son so will not return until 1 August when she needs to begin work on completing her book. She should now have images of the entire EG collection and the associated database. I’m glad I kept all of that information intact and in a usable condition.

It has been hot so the fan has been working. Only on position one, as we don’t want to go mad. Poor Luis was panting away so I relocated the fan to a position on the floor whereupon he stretched out in front of it as if it was the heater vent in winter. Fido joined him at one point. If it gets very hot, I shall get the bigger fan from the workshop. That one has a water supply so uses the physics of evaporation to actually cool the air rather than just to move it around. It’s quite a large and cumbersome device so I’d need to rearrange the furniture a little.

It’s cooling down but we’ll still wait until 20:00 before going for the Evening Walk. The beaches are often quieter earlier on a Sunday night as visitors pack up to go home and get ready for work the following day. There are more people on holiday as it’s nearly August, so it will be interesting to see how many there are. I wonder if the Swiss/Greek children will be waiting to see SBD.

With Luis tied to the shelf unit and Oskar in the compound with SBD, it’s been a generally quiet day. There have been the occasional barking infractions but that it to be expected when there are many people on the camping and the adjacent beaches with dogs and small children.


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