It’s not silent

There was a brisk, cool breeze as we wandered our merry way around the promontory. In the distance, the lights of Paleochora and Kountoura appeared brighter due to the failing moonlight. Tomorrow will see the last of the usable moonlight and I’ll just follow the dogs until First Light comes. They are much better equipped for that time of the day as they have better eyesight, whiskers, and good hearing. I shall content myself with bumbling along behind them. The New Moon is on 1 August and the full moon, surprisingly, two weeks later.

We adopted our usual procedure and SBD seemed to be a little less excitable than usual. For the first lap anyway, for then, Charlie joined in which heightened his excitement. SBD fixates on Charlie so has to be maintained on a very short leash until he is distracted elsewhere. Distraction is the key has his focus jumps from one thing to the next in a matter of milliseconds. I think he must be younger than I originally thought. He is much better as part of a group of two and not seven. Taking him on his own walk with just Skinny was much easier but just more tiring and timeconsuming.

Kostas was present but distant and seemed to leave a little earlier than usual. His car rattled off into the early light as we were passing by nearby. With no apparent FreeLoaders or other infiltrators, I let all but The Three go for the last thirty-minutes as we walked over the rocks. Even with the wind, it’s still too warm for ballgames and suchlike as Luis goes regularly into meltdown. He then takes himself to the lagoon or the beach for a wallow and a dunking.

Skinny and I did our thing then I went for my wallow. There were more waves as a result of the breeze so the sea was more demanding and less pleasant. I consequently didn’t linger long. I fed the cats then went for a quick shower in the red showers outside the workshop where I was able to take in the mastery of Μιχάλησ’ exhaust system for the generator.

During breakfast, I amused myself watching another in the series of Major Chinese Projects. This is a collection of documentaries showing the lengths the Chinese are going to Green their energy sources, upgrade their infrastructure and improve their economy. Apparently, they have 60% of the world’s highspeed rail links and are ahead in so many other ways. The resources they’ve poured into the Yangtze River is phenomenal. Dams, huge boat lifts, hydro-electric projects and navigational improvements for larger vessels. The Three Gorges Project has been a dream for many years but has now become a reality. As well as providing benefits for commerce on an environmental level it reduces serious flooding of the lower reaches of the Yangtze from ten to one hundred years.

The morning seemed to run away a little as I fiddled about progressing the setting up of my MacBook. Installation is one thing but many settings require adjusting when a clean install is carried out since nothing is passed on to the new configuration. It is possible for me to go back to the previous installation of the beta of the next version however this seems to have become totally unstable so could probably be deleted.

They are still playing with the generator but it has been running for a considerable time and we have been on generator power for around forty-five minutes. It’s certainly not silent and could be considered quite noisy in the middle of the night. I’m hoping that it will be set up to leave a reasonable time before firing itself up as I’d hate it to burst into life every lime the power dips or drops out for a few seconds, especially at night in the middle of winter! They are not here but I am! I might need to find some cunning way of getting it back onto standby from the comfort of my bed.

The hottest time of the day is usually between 12:00 – 14:00. Today is one of those days when it’s warmer in the late afternoon. The temperature suddenly rose to 33.2℃ and just as suddenly fell back to 31℃. Maybe a blast of extra hot air from the Sahara.

Hotter than yesterday but also breezy

There was a random dog floating around in the Grammeno Beach car park reportedly since earlier in the day. He was very interested in the dogs so decided a closeup view would be better. This caused a certain amount of excitement all round so I had to get quite firm to regain order. Skinny has certainly found his feet and was one of the noisest. I had to have words with him whilst out this morning as there was a particularly annoying dog. As usual, they behave differently when alone than they do together.

The camping is quite rowdy but not as busy as I would expect at this time. Xanthippos was walking the dogs and we compared notes about numbers. We know how many of the tents belong to the camping and have no one in them. Without them, the upper part would look quite empty. Psychologically, there needs to be a certain number to stop it looking bare.

It’s just 21:00, the dogs are quiet and still unfed. I think it pays to keep them guessing sometimes or they just take everything for granted. My supper is cooking in the Instant Pot so if I feed them now, it should be ready by the time I’m done.


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