The air conditioner is out

The roaming dog from yesterday evening may have been wandering the site yesterday night. I suspect it may have something to do with the people who were sleeping on sun loungers on Grammeno Beach last night. They and the dog were still snoring away as I went for my morning wallow in the sea. This, of course, is purely supposition. A member of staff brought out her dog which played joyfully with the random dog and they ran around happily on the beach for quite a while.

Notwithstanding, the Early Walk was cool and painless. Something to do with me giving them a good talking-to yesterday evening possibly. We were back in the camping at 06:30 so I was able to feed the cats and get on my way with Skinny. As a result, I was in the sea around 07:15 so everything was done-and-dusted nice and early.

I dealt with a couple of IT support matters to do with EG and am setting up the Microsoft Accounts so that the users can reset their own passwords and not have to bother me with it. There is one user in particular who manages to lock herself out regularly.

The humidity was around 60% which is quite high for here so I decided to get out the large fan which also cools the air. The gubbins consists of a large plastic box with slatted sides which contain some kind of shavings. Water is pumped up from a sump and dribbles through the shavings via a pipe with holes in and evaporates as the air drawn by the fan passes through the shavings. It’s all very simple, requires no unpleasant gas or chemicals and does the job. It was working after a fashion but then seemed to be running low on water. Strange as I’d attached the inlet which has a float, to a hosepipe. Closer inspection revealed the water level was very low and it was only dribbling in. Suffice to say, there was a blockage somewhere so I dismantled the device to discover how dirty it was inside and how much silt had built-up from last year. I cleaned everything out, unblocked the water inlet, cleared the distribution pipes and reassembled it.

Luis, who remains a captive until further notice, was probably wondering if I’d ever get it back together again as all he was interested in was cool air. It is together and it is working. The sump remains full and the distribution pipes are unblocked as is the lift pump.

It’s a bulky item but blows and cools which is what matters.

Μιχάλησ was again running the generator for some purpose so the electricity has been a bit up-and-down. I had a quick look at the wonderful arrangement for the exhaust from the generator to the outside. Peter, who was opposite the workshop yesterday, commented that it was noisy and a little smelly. My examination reveals a wonderfully botched job with some amazing welds all held up by a couple of lengths of wire from the concrete ceiling of the workshop. The diameter of the pipe which goes outside is different from the second-hand car exhaust silencer and tailpipe which has been wired to the protruding reinforcing rods on the roof. The silencer is less effective due to the fact the pipe is leaking allowing fumes and noise to escape. I’m hoping this is not the final solution however, knowing Μιχάλησ…

I have to get a sneaky photo whenever the workshop door is left open and there’s no one around. I don’t have a key to the workshop at present. The generator looks something like this

The new Grammeno generator looks a little like this but with a more exotic exhaust arrangement.
Today was warmer than yesterday by 1℃


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