Le Generator Sur Le Toit

There was a slight disturbance to The Force in the night. Probably patrolling Random Dog. I felt hot so I picked up the fan from the decking and pointed it at my bed. In my dazed state, I didn’t check that it was set to the fastest setting but went back to bed. A couple of hours later, I turned it off as I felt cool enough. The next thing I knew was that it was time to get up.

The new Weekend Policy is to have an extended walk and swim omitting the run part from the weekday schedule. We set off across the field arriving in time to see Kostas driving down the road towards Alonáki Beach. Late, I thought. We followed and eventually found his Jeep in its usual spot. I dumped Oskar, Charlie, Fido and Luis as usual then sped round a couple of laps with Skinny, Obi and SPD. No FreeLoaders were spotted so we picked up Charlie and Fido and completed a couple more laps before adding Luis and Oskar. We made good progress and so Fido and Luis were released but I hung onto Oskar as the day before. Oskar was later released onto the end of the Promontory so that we could cross the rocks.

Back at the collection point for biscuits and leads then down to the beach for a swim for me. I was in for around thirty minutes and no dogs or owners arrived during that time. There was a commotion but this was the arrival of someone in a pickup. Possibly the blokes and the boy as they come at the weekends. I knew it couldn’t be Kostas as he’d left surprisingly early, staying for less than an hour I suppose.

Waiting at the swimming location

The dogs were not incarcerated back at the camping as I was going to be there with them. Oskar joined SBD as per the previous day. I had breakfast then fell asleep…

A large lorry arrived outside the workshop so I decided to watch via the gate camera. I saw the generator being removed from the workshop and picked up using the crane on the truck. I couldn’t see it being put down which I felt was strange. Had I looked over my shoulder, I would have seen it being positioned on the roof of the workshop(!). For the next few hours, there was much rushing around as the generator was wired into the electrical panel and tested. I was able to benefit fully due to a westerly wind which carried the smell of diesel exhaust and the sound towards me.

My weekly ET phone home session was made difficult by the almost constant sound of the generator in the background. Hopefully, it is all sorted so we can get some peace. As far a choice of location is concerned, I’m guessing it was overheating in the workshop which is why it’s been put outside. The generator is self-contained and designed to be outside, but will suffer more on the roof. As regards the noise, everyone in the camping will know when the generator kicks-in. I shall be the first, especially during the night!

The remainder of the afternoon got whittled away achieving very little except I have plugged the fan cooler into the water supply with a length of hose. Previously, I was disconnecting the hose I use for watering which was a nuisance as I had to keep swapping them back morning and evening for the watering.

The wind got up as the day progressed so I had to make some adjustments and repairs. Looking ahead, Monday and Tuesday may be a little windy. The campers won’t like that much.

As I attached Oskar to his lead before the Evening walk yesterday, I felt my hair touch against something. Looking up, I saw a strong strand leading to a larger spider’s web. The strand was more like fishing line!

If I was a lot smaller than that spider, I’d keep out of its way.
Le Generator Sur Le Toit – just in case you don’t believe me!

The Evening Walk was short like yesterday. Down the lane and back. Luis was satisfied with that as were the others. After all, we were out for three hours this morning. Even Skinny had enough.

3℃ cooler than yesterday with more breeze. The humidity has gone down as there was a high of 64% earlier. By UK standards that’s low but when it’s hot…

There is silence as the dogs await their supper. The electricity just went off but the generator didn’t start up. Perhaps they’re still working on the system. I think the electricians left long ago and Μιχάλησ’ car is not there. I’ll be glad when I have my own system up and running.


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