Very lazy Sunday

Saturday evening was punctuated by short power outages. I do not know if they were general or limited only to the camping. Power was off for only a short while. The camping is now in busy mode so having unreliable power is inconvenient. On the other hand, the majority of the customers appear to be Greek so they are more forgiving than other races. It might have been a more cunning plan to have completed the generator project during the winter or before the season got busy. Easter perhaps!

I was fast asleep when the alarm sounded at 04:30. I sat on the edge of my bed trying to determine which way up I was. One needs to be awake before alighting as it’s a long way down. Skinny was waiting outside with Obi. I put on my socks and shoes, marshalled the dogs and set off across the field. It was dark but the sky was clear. There were a couple of cars in the beach car park but we encountered no FreeLoaders on the Promontory although I suspect Charlie went on a little excursion and found something to bark at as there was a short barking incident near the end.

We followed the same procedure as Saturday, 2 x 2 x 1 and then a swim for me whilst the dogs looked on and barked at someone walking across the beach. It was blowy when I was in the sea which created inconvenient lumpy bits. I decided to cut my losses and get out after about twenty minutes. I put on my shoes, untangled the dogs then set off back to the camping. It was around 08:00: we left at 04:45 so they had a good run for their money.

I fed the cats then made some breakfast as cooked some lentils for this evening. I ate breakfast and then fell asleep. A chunk of the morning was lost. The afternoon hasn’t been much more productive although I’ve discovered that the kettle I thought was broken is working so I’ve cleaned it up and now have a spare – result. I have lifted up the floor mats to dry the decking beneath. It became wet when I was dealing with the air cooler so needed airing out. I need to find a location for my batteries when they arrive. I’d considered one of the under-seat lockers but the pack measures 888mm (nearly three feet) in length so will not fit. I’ve put a thermometer into the boot area to check the temperature difference with ambient but suspect there is none. The batteries age faster over 30℃.

I notice the Whaley Bridge saga continues with the crumbling reservoir. As discussed yesterday, the town should be well known as one we have passed several times on the canals. Whaley Bridge is on an extension of the Peak Forest Canal before the Macclesfield canal Junction and Marple Locks. We all remember Marple Locks! Draining the bottom pound into the Goyt at Marple Aquaduct in order to pump out and refloat the sunken icebreaker beneath the tail of lock 2. It seems that now Marple might also be affected by the reservoir collapse. I read also that Lyme Park, a stately home, was seriously affected by flooding but not as a direct result of the reservoir only the heavy rain. Some areas of the property will require significant repairs.

It’s past 19:00 and although there is little in the way of doggy activity, I feel I should make the effort to take them for a little wander before supper. I’m sure they’ve recovered from the ordeal of this morning’s extended Early Walk.

Silly me, I forgot to schedule my blog post.


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