Still no generator

The BBQ was doing great service as I went out into the camping to use the loo around 21:30 yesterday. The whole camping appeared to be having a giant meat-fest under the moonlit sky. I used the loo, checked on the pussies, retreated inside my compound and went to bed. I recall some disturbance in the night but it was not enough for me to remember the following day.

My sleep was disturbed as the wind got up around 03:30 so was tinkling my wind chimes. It had been virtually still when I went to bed. I relocated the wind chimes when we returned from the Early Walk. The walk itself was uneventful except for one horta-gatherer near the end. Kostas was leaving as we entered the Promontory. He beeped his horn. There was only one car in the beach car park and no FreeLoaders to be found. We reverted to weekday routine with only 1 x 1 x 1 and then back to the camping. Luis was reluctant even to do his single circuit. What a lazy Luis! There seem to be loads of those horrid spiky seeds and both Luis and Fido appear to have magnetic paws. I forget how many spiky seeds I removed from between their pads. Even Skinny and SBD who seem resistant to all things, had to stop a couple of times for seed removal. I don’t recall stopping for Charlie.

We were back by 06:40 so Skinny and I went off after I fed the pussies. We completed our 4.75km route and admired the busy camping as we trotted back through. I disengaged Skinny then went off to the sea for ten minutes. The northerly wind was ruffling the water enough to be a nuisance but not so much as on Saturday. The camping was waking as I walked back through and I could see how many tents were littering both the lower and upper parts. I think we can safely say we are now entering the busiest time which will come to a crescendo in ten days on the 15 August, The Dormition of the BVM which is a National Holiday. From there it’ll be downhill until the schools return one month later. By then it will be mostly foreigners since the whole of Greece tends to go on holiday in August. The National Holiday is mid-week this year so it will be interesting to see how that influences camping numbers.

After breakfast, I went into standby for a while before sorting out a Microsoft licence for EG. I purchased the product a couple of weeks back but was having problems accessing the licencing site. I have finally sorted it so can hopefully now deploy the software to the new computers. That and working out the new deployment protocol have soaked up a large chunk of the day.

The high is 35.3℃ which is about the same as the previous few days. The cool air blower has been on since around 11:00 and can go off now really.

Temperatures about the same as the past few days.

I understand Ursula and Tony have had an exciting day at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Tony trapped his finger under a concrete slab whilst working at home yesterday. They spent time at the local A&E yesterday afternoon but were then referred to a specialist unit today to check the bone and tendons. They have a different medical appointment at the same hospital tomorrow!

It will soon be time for the Evening Walk followed by doggy feeding time. The power just went off and back on again a few minutes later. I really don’t understand what is going on with the electrical systems. I have a suspicion it’s dropping out at the main panel and someone goes and turns it back on from the reception office. Just guessing…

The Evening Walk is done and I can confirm an excellent selection of bowel movements together with irrigation of the plants on the Promontory. The Walk was uneventful. Only one couple occupied the Big Beach on the Promontory and they were lounging in the shade. Another couple stood in the distance then disappeared. There was plenty of activity on Grammeno Beach but no so much on Alonáki. The car park was about 75% full.

The dogs are now fed so it’s my turn!


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