Crawling with them

It was a bit of a stressy night one way or another so I was glad to get out of bed to go for a walk. The first part of the walk as far as the car park was uneventful however things soon changed. I noted several vehicles parked, one of which I’d seen previously where the people slept inside. I was on the lookout for FreeLoaders when the first party set off. A tent was pitched by the big rock in the middle of the Promontory. A quick change of direction to avoid than and then down to the beach as it was the natural way to go. There we encountered the second FreeLoaders who were sleeping on the beach with their little dog. We may have silently avoided the first but the second was not so easy. That said, there was a minimum of fuss and we were on our way again. We continued to the end of the beach then returned via the east side rather than down the middle. The next time around, with Charlie and Fido, I diverted across the Promontory in a figure eight up the east side, round the top and back down the east side to the end before picking up the third crew. We took the same route as the previous circuit but now it was lighter so Luis saw the tent pitched near to the path. He barked and so, obviously, did Oskar. How could he resist? We continued to the top of the Promontory taking the same route and back to the end. No free running today as there were precious few clear areas remaining. We had our biscuits then walked back to the camping. Despite everything, we covered the same amount of ground as usual just via a rather convoluted route.

Skinny and I went for our jog out through an even busier camping than yesterday. I could hear Luis as we returned so I checked the recording I make to monitor any barking. He’d been noisy for most of the time we were away so I moved him from the comfort of the van to one of the houses. At least any sound should be deadened by the foam. He was silent when I left to go down to the beach but had been ‘singing’ a lot of the time I was away. Not so much noisy, more persistent.

There usual breakfast and relaxation period which was followed by a support call or two. I’ve ordered a new computer for Louise as her Dell is becoming unreliable. It should arrive tomorrow so I should be able to start setting it up if it’s early enough in the day.

I’ve not heard the generator once which is a blessed relief.

Ursula sent me an interesting link to a news item on Channel 4 News about pig farmers in Northern Ireland. Apparently, the Chinese are buying pork from Ireland thus increasing the slurry disposal situation as there is already more than enough to go round. The usual problems of dead lakes and poisoned rivers. Not quite so serious as the Guardian podcast I listened to today about a poisonous chemical plant in Louisianna where a local community has been systematically affected by a many-fold increased cancer rate over the years. The plant brings huge sums of money into the state, there are the usual ties between the industry and the [elected] officials and the affected individuals are poorer blacks so have been finding it almost impossible for anyone in authority to take up their case.

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