Horrid racket!

It would appear that there is some sort of noisy beach event at the Ammos Beach Bar end of Grammeno Beach. I recall a similar event taking place on a previous occasion. I’m sure the occupants of Cedar Bay Villas are ‘enjoying’ the sound more than me as at least the CBV buildings are blocking out some of the ‘music’ before it gets to me. As usual, it’s the bass which is the most annoying. The dogs don’t seem to like it too much although Luis is now snoring after his initial few barks. Hopefully, it will end before too late.

The FreeLoaders from the previous night had disappeared by the Evening Walk yesterday. The Promontory was unusually busy with a significant group of children and adults scattered about. I took a little diversion to avoid a group which might have been disappointed not to have encountered the dogs. I preferred the easy approach although I’m sure the dogs would have been well-behaved. We had a good walk and successfully avoided any mishaps.

There were bodies as we entered the Promontory this morning for the Early Walk although there were no cars, only a boat trailer, in the beach car park. I kept Charlie on the lead until I released Luis and Fido to go over the rocks at the end of the walk as I didn’t want any noisy barking first thing in the morning. Otherwise, the Early Walk was relatively painless.

A couple of support calls have interrupted my day which was taken up with sorting out all the data on my laptop. I have a 500GB hard disk which appears to have only about 30GB of free space remaining. I knew that there was quite a buildup of rubbish and have recently reinstalled the operating system. I decided to have a big sort out, back up the stuff I actually need and which is not stored elsewhere and reinstall yet another fresh copy of the operating system. This time I plan to completely clear the hard disk and only move back the data I really need.

The Evening Walk has been and gone. I was able to see from whence the ‘Orrid Noise is coming and can report that it’s coming from Ammos Beach Bar. The Promontory was fairly free from people, only a small group on the Big Beach. There are a couple of hammocks strung in one of the popular locations so I will not be surprised to find people sleeping there overnight.

I have sweetcorn in the Instant Pot and some beans from yesterday in the fridge. It’s been quite hot again today so salad will be just the job for supper.

Quite warm but also breezy and not too humid


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