That spider again!

The horrid racket finally stopped at some point after 22:30 as is when I fall asleep. The volume of the music had been reduced as the evening progressed and I’m sure Grammeno customers nearer to the front of the camping must have been delighted to be able to get some sleep. Hopefully, that will be the only event like that until next season.

As I was marshalling the dogs by the gate to the field, I discovered the spider had abandoned the previous web complex the other side of the gate and constructed a wonderful, new one between the entrance to the run and the gate. The only practical way to access the gate with seven dogs was to remove the spider and the web. I’m sure the web took a long time to construct and I try to look after all the creatures in my compound however there is a limit.

I was awake before the alarm so we were sharp out of the starting gate for the Early Walk. There were no apparent signs of FreeLoaders although Charlie had a little barking session just before I was about to let the others off their leads. The freedom was consequently delayed until we arrived near to the rocks at the end of the Promontory. Charlie is usually pretty sensible however he is not averse to a little Me-Too limelight so has been known just to bark at anything. He is certainly not as potty as his sibling. Charlie failed to turn up for biscuits at the end of the walk but I could hear the sound of crunching emanating from a nearby bush so I knew he was around. I set off with the others to leave him with his little treasure. He’d catch up or he wouldn’t. I left the gate open so found him lying on top of the pallets when I returned from my jog so put him into his house whilst I went in the sea and to the shops.

As Skinny and I left the camping for our little jog to Kountoura this morning it was if there had been a sudden downpour. As we know from previous experience, sudden downpours, even in August, are not out of the question. The weather was not to blame in this occasion as the flood was coming from a water main which appeared to have sprung a leak near or under the front boundary wall of the camping. I started to run down the road however the depth of the water made me veer off to higher ground and then cross over. I hoped maybe it would not be so bad by the time we returned, however, water was still flooding the road and gushing into a nearby storm drain. I’ve not since looked to see if any action has been taken to fix the leak.

My shopping trip was done and dusted by 09:00 so I was back before the day started to really heat up. I tend to be quite boring and repetitive with my food when it’s hot. I cannot really be bothered to cook much and prefer to just eat a salad with either beans, lentils or potatoes to bulk it up a little. My weekly shopping tends to reflect this so I’m able to get everything quite quickly and be gone before it gets too busy. A good thing about a Friday morning is that there is a delivery so everything is fresh from the wholesaler. All the fresh produce is ranged on the ground outside the shop so there is an opportunity to help one’s self from the freshest produce which has just arrived.

My morning activity was to backup my MacBook as I wanted to wipe the hard drive and to make a fresh installation removing everything from the past. This laptop was installed from my old MacBook back in April 2014 when it was new. Even then, it was not a fresh installation as I installed it from a backup of my old MacBook Pro. Since then, all kinds of clutter has been added to the hard disk causing it to become cluttered with numerous copies of copies. My laptop is now fresh and clean so I’m busily installing everything as it’s needed. There is now acres of disk space spare!

With all the work and fiddling around with putting the generator on the roof, one would hope that there would no longer be any power problems. The electricity is still going off from time to time which is quite annoying. The solar panels and other electrical stuff I ordered from UK a couple of weeks ago has not yet been delivered. I’m not at all surprised as it usually takes forever for the courier to get to this side of the island. There’s no hurry anyway as we won’t be able to put up solar panels until the camping quietens down in September and then there’s Antonis’ new arrival to also consider. I’m not sure he’s going to be concentrating on work too much at the beginning but, after a while, he may be glad of the excuse to get out of the house in order to avoid certain unpleasant baby duties.

The Evening Walk was more or a ramble as it was still quite warm and the sun reasonably strong. There was the same, cool wind as this morning which was extremely pleasant. Many visitors to the Promontory were packing up and going home leaving a couple of groups on the Big Beach.

The dogs are now exercised so looking forward to their supper in the hope that I will stop typing to concentrate on them. There is still much business in the camping as some have departed and others arrived. Pegs hammered in and inflatable mattresses being pumped up. This could be one of the busiest weekends as the Public Holiday is on 15 August which is Wednesday. And then, hopefully, it’s all down-hill to autumn…

Better feed the dogs I suppose.

Warm again

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