A busy day catching up

I didn’t even bother getting up early as I didn’t intend to take all the dogs at once. The first party went out about 07:20 walking to the end of the Promontory and back. I think SBD stayed quiet during that time. He went on the same walk with Skinny to keep him company. Taking six dogs in my left hand is fine however they might not all get on nicely if I try to put all seven together.

I had a little rest and a cup of tea before going to see Maria to pay back the money I borrowed to pay Nikos, the taxi driver, who brought me back yesterday. I also owed for the €50 given to me at the petrol station as well as the fuel for the journey. I don’t see why Maria should pay for my trip to the hospital. She got my antibiotics from the pharmacy and we agreed that I’d take the bus on Friday morning when I go to my appointment at the hospital. If the dogs bark it’s how it is.

I spent all day catching up with things including a quick trip to the reception to collect my drugs and sort out an electrical problem. Someone had been fiddling with the setup for the Internet and WiFi.

Georgia came to see me bearing food from the restaurant which was very welcome: I ate it immediately as I was quite hungry. She caught me up with her various ailments and her with mine. I showed her the offending spike and did an action replay but without the blood.

Fido, Luis and Oskar joined me on the decking all day so it was very peaceful. I’ll leave them in the same positions tomorrow when I go out.

My hand didn’t cause any problems during the night and does not hurt during the day: it’s just very inconvenient. I went to talk to Μιχαλησ who told me about all his various accidents, severing fingers and so on. Makes me feel like a wimp!

There are so many people in the camping the WiFi network is overloaded. I had to sort that out by releasing more IP addresses. I need to get to grips with that during the winter and do it all differently as the present configuration cannot cope when the camping’s very busy. Add to that the number of gadgets everyone, including children, have. I have a watch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook as well as a number of other Internet-connected devices. I need to divide the network up to make it more efficient.

The two-stage Evening Walk was uneventful: Luis, Fido, Skinny and Oskar on the first with SBD, Charlie and Obi on the second. We just walked along Alonáki Beach a little and came back.

There is a marvellous orange moon rising in the distance to celebrate the end of this year’s Dormition and National Holiday.


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