A day out to the horse piddle

I had an alarm set for 05:30 but we were nearly out the gate by then. It was 6 + 2 with SBD getting a lean serving. Back at the camping, Luis was being noisy for a change. I got ready, sorted the dogs then went to the gate to wait for the bus. It can sometimes come early but today I was standing there at 07:25 when it should leave Paleochora at 07:30. Manolis was heading into town so took me to the bus station where the coach was waiting. The small bus came soon after so we left around fifteen minutes late.

The trip over the mountains was great from a higher perspective and we soon arrived in Chania bus station. From there, I took a taxi to the hospital for almost the same money as I paid for a 70km bus ride but I wanted to get there quickly.

At the hospital, I knew the location of outpatients from my various wanderings earlier in the week. You are given a ticket with a number and then have to find the correct department. As if by magic, Fanis arrived having deposited a patient nearby. He took me to the correct location and made sure I was in the right queue. He had to go but said he’d come to the camping in a few weeks. It was 09:30 and there were 21 people ahead of me with only one doctor to see them. I discovered who had which number from asking or listening so that I didn’t miss my call. Mr 30 swapped with another patient which ruined my system! I saw the doctor at around 12:30, She was exhausted and explained that there was no clinic the day before due to the national holiday and also her colleague was on vacation. She had two days worth of two clinics to wade through.

She examined my wound and redressed it. I explained how difficult it is for me to come from Paleochora and she agreed to transfer me to Kandanos to have the stitches out on Monday week. But I had to be sure to hold my thumb out in the correct position while the stitches are removed or it would all be for nothing. Big snake, start again. I can then remove the bandage and the plaster on September 12 and it should all be fixed.

I wished her well with the remainder of the clinic and walked round for the bus which costs €1.30 as opposed to €8 for a taxi. I saw one leave but my bus to Paleochora was not until 16:00 so it didn’t matter.

I arrived at the KTEL bus station then wandered about a little. Ursula suggested a couple of visits but I decided I didn’t fancy being a tourist in 32℃ in August. I wandered aimlessly in some shady sidestreets then returned to the bus station. Watching the people around me was interesting. I was amazed at how many were stuffing their faces with [fast] food and drink. Probably mostly foreigners and the majority were very well-nourished anyway.

The coach pulled up to the stand and we got on. We left on time and headed for the mountains and the road south. I fell asleep for a bit. It was a lovely drive and we arrived back about two hours later. The small bus was taking us on to Kountoura. Pete was heading into town so was waiting at the stop. We chatted a while then he waited for the bus to return.

The dogs were noisy as I walked through the camping. I had a cup of tea then took them for a walk. They are now fed and quieter than others around. The camping is still very full.

I’m hungry so will eat something.

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