Shopping in Vlisidis supermarket

A couple of Luis squarks punctuated the night. Luis hears a lot better than me but I still don’t need to be alerted to every minor potential threat. Luis’ threat threshold is extremely low so it only requires a rat to fart in a nearby tree to elicit a response from him. He was, however receptive to my requests for cessation.

I got up at 05:15 and gathered the dogs for the initial foray to the Promontory. I was keen to be back in good time having decided a shopping trip was required as choices were becoming restricted. Five cars and a ven with sleepers adorned the beach car park. I wasn’t sure if tent and dog man were still present so kept away from the Big Beach with the first wave. We wandered, widdled, sniffed, dug, scratched and pooed. And even managed a walk over the rocks! Then we went back for about 06:45 and I set off again with the second wave.

We went up the Big Beach to see a different tent between the beach and the east track. Dog Man had departed. Round the Big Rock nearly running into a few outstretched bodies parked in the middle of the track. I wonder if they discovered the poo I buried there the other morning! Over the rocks where Luis barked a little at Kostas who was brandishing his hose to replenish the rock pools. Skinny, SBD (AKA IZO) and I continued. Luis caught up as we turned right to head back. It was enough. Back down the beach and to the camp by 07:30. Joy! A cup of tea before shopping. Luis and I set off for Vlisidis with enthusiasm on his part. Luis was shackled to the gas bottle storage safe – no chance of him dragging that down the road. I went to do my shopping. Things have not changed that much other than the new refrigerated vegetable facility. Luis barked at a passing cat as I checked out and Dimitris asked how I hurt my hand. I bought enough food until Monday and Luis and I walked back to the camping.

Breakfast and then a support call from Inter Sport in Seaford. The case of the shutting down server. I offloaded some services and it seems to be ok now. I went to look at Peter’s motorcycle battery which was registering only six volts. I suggested a replacement might be in order and emailed Manolis at the petrol station.

I was asked by Xanthippos if he could take power from me and showed him the cable I’d installed for Peter before he went upmarket and bought his VW camper. Some chairs appeared on the other side of the fence yesterday so I alerted Janne. He phoned later to tell me he’d given permission for the area opposite his van to be used for a group. The original plan was for the group to take the cabins near to the bar which was the rationale for erecting the new shading. But now they are occupying the enhanced cabins and using the area opposite Janne and Erica. Probably better for the group and everyone else but could get a bit noisy for me. Naturally, I only discovered this cunning plan by chance. Xanthippos has rigged up some funky lights so I suspect they’re going to be eating out there in the evenings. Hopefully, they don’t plan to stay up half the night. They are currently lining up the chairs in front of Janne and Erica’s caravan. Time will doubtless tell…

It seems that Xanthippos is now back on the payroll so his sacking and reinstatement count can be incremented by one. His duties at CBV are from 07:30 and are only part-time at present. Until the next time of course.

I was reading an article about coastal erosion where the plan is just to allow it to happen. The likelihood is that there will be severe flooding as a result of sea levels rising, Global Heating more extreme weather. The tendency is for locals to demand the provision of coastal defences which treat the symptoms rather than the cause whilst costing loads of money which is effectively lost at sea. I read about the Norfolk village of Happiburgh, (pronounced Little Puddleton on the Mire or “Haze-bruh”). The residents were requesting sea defences however the Lord of the Manor, Eric Couzens, and Professor Keith Clayton felt that taxpayers money could be better spent elsewhere. To be honest, I tend to agree. It’s not as if coastal erosion is a recent phenomenon as anyone who spends hours building a sandcastle in the path of an incoming tide will tell you. Spending millions on futile attempts to hold back the sea is a bit of a waste. Better to spend the money relocating and compensating those whose property is lost or destroyed.

It was a clever plan to put this group of people right next to me. Fortunately, I don’t have anything else going on so a nice, noisy group of sixty people or more is just what I need right now.


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