Still in the running despite all adversities

This may be brief

The Early Walk was to the end of the Promontory followed by a rest for me whilst Skinny and Oskar dug and Charlie and Luis wandered. Then we went back to the camping. For me, that was enough, for the dogs, at least they got a walk of some sort.

The morning was a scene of inactivity other than a beautiful little puppy snagging her lead on the gate when she went to say hello to the kittens. I also had to reprimand two young children for throwing stones/pebbles at the kittens. I can do ANGRY in Greek. They muttered some excuses and left.

I managed a few emails and a small IT task but there was also plenty of sleeping too.

The evening brought the group who were reasonably restrained. I put collars on Fido and Luis, Oskar was tied up near me. Charlie inside the van. The others were ok until Alex tried to visit and was surprised to find he was unwelcome so shoved unceremoniously out the gate. I may have hurt his feeling. Oh dear! The group finally left around 22:15, the stragglers by 22:30. I’m hoping it’s their last evening today. I fed the dogs and that was it.

It was hot day with a high of 38.2C just a fraction lower than the maximum for the year.

There was no blog yesterday as I spent the evening concentrating on keeping the dogs quiet and it was too late to write on by the time they finally all left.

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