Normal service resumed – almost…

I was awake before 05:30 but got up anyway as I’d arranged with Sascha to meet by Alonáki Beach. We emerged from the field at 05:45 as arranged, to see a lone runner heading towards the car park. He turned then headed back towards the road. Sascha was nowhere to be seen so I sent him a message saying we’d go on. A motorhome parked since the previous evening now had a large, black dog outside which caused a degree of distraction and noise for a few moments. We pressed on and went to our usual spot at the end. I took Skinny with IZO to look for any sign of Sascha and Zora but concluded they’d slept in.

Next, it was Charlie and Fido, both kept on the lead due to the LBD as well as a tent by the Big Rock. I took all on the third round then Sascha appeared looking like someone who’d just got out of bed. He relieved me of Skinny and IZO, introduced them to Zora, and took them for some brisker activity. We left together and returned to the camping.

Sascha took me to Vlisidis where I bought a few things and Sascha threatened bean salad for later. Breakfast followed and then a morning of moderate activity centred around a couple of support calls amongst other things. I poked around in Inter Sport’s servers playing with exchange and generally tidying up.

Then I noticed it was time for a shower and had a chat with Sascha afterwards. He invited me to a meal with the niece of the guy from whom he’s buying the land. I declined as I have one more evening of group to endure.

The day has become progressively windy and the forecast promises very strong winds on Saturday. Together with the impending month end, that should clear the camping. September is knocking on the door.

My right hand is telling me it’s been more active today and it wants to chill out a bit. I’ll take out the dogs then call it a day. Without the sutures pulling, it’s easier to use so is getting more work. A little medical reading shows that it will be around three months before it will be up to strength. It’s a flexor tendon which requires much longer to repair as it works much harder. Not feeling grotty helps an awful lot.

The group were warming up as we left around 19:45. It’s very windy on the beach and I bumped into Stellios of Ammos Beach Bar on Alonáki Beach. We had a discussion about the Promontory and surrounding area, damage to the trees and people sleeping out there. I had to admit to my part in its use and agreed to go around and have a major clean up. Just recently, I’ve had other problems so cannot avoid criticism as I’ve let things go. Kostas’ Jeep is a nuisance as it churns up the sand exposing my secrets! Stellios was perfectly reasonable and is trying to make a difference so I promised to make my contribution.

It’s now 21:16 and they appear to be having a last night event with plenty of fun and games on the other side of the fence. The dogs are reasonably used to this by now so it’s not such a struggle. Hopefully, they’ll be off promptly to enjoy their evening meal. They leave tomorrow morning!


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