Last hour for Μιχάλησ

I’ve just returned from the shower and chatted briefly with Μιχάλησ who tells me he has only about an hour to go before his summer stint at Grammeno comes to an end. He seems to have been more enthusiastic than he was last year, however, despite quite long hours at times, he doesn’t seem to have overworked himself. With him out of the way, Xanthippos can reclaim control which, contrary to what she said previously, Georgia will be pleased. What Xanthippos lacks in some respects, he makes up for with industry. Μιχάλησ will be turning his skills to erecting a new industrial greenhouse somewhere in Kountoura.

It was very windy for this morning’s Early Walk and quite cool. We managed four km today which included a stroll over the rocks. The large tent on the eastern side of the Big Rock had morphed into a smaller one on the west side as ΙΖΟ, Skinny and I discovered during the initial circuit. Whether the occupants were disturbed as we passed, we’ll never know. There were signs of Kostas but he’d already left. I think we were back around 07:00 whereupon I kept myself busy playing games with mail servers. This has become my latest distraction.

The troops were all lined up as I walked out of the gate later and we still have four, very similar-looking kittens very eager for some breakfast. They are getting larger and more mature. There are three boys and one girl. They all need a visit to the vet as does their mother.

My weekly call was the next item on the agenda and this was followed by some light lunch. I have some carob rusks which I enjoyed with tahini and black olives. The afternoon slipped away until 16:00 when I went for a shower in one of the enhanced Wc’s by the main bathrooms. I was considering how I might personalise one for the winter. A towel rail, clothes hooks, a soap holder in the shower. Perhaps a handle to hold and close the door and a more convenient door catch. They are much more attractive than the main showers and WC’s as they are less affected by the wind so should be a lot warmer and much more convenient. On a sunny day, they will be lovely and warm as they have a clear plastic roof.

I wandered through the camping to see how many tents and occupants remained. Fewer on the section north of me and not many the other side. Weekends will continue to be busy, the clientele will move from mostly Greeks to foreigners and it will become calmer. Janne and Erica arrive on 11 September for three weeks, followed by Ursula and Tony at the end of September. Eliza is booked in from 23 September to 8 October and Eleanor will be joining us from October 16 – 24.

The blustery Evening Walk is now a thing of the past and Luis walked himself. He was too intent on bothering the kittens so I took the others leaving the gate open for him to follow. He finally came puffing along after us as we wandered over the furthest field. They’re eating their food and I have a collection of ingredients in the Instant Pot. Garlic is one of the more obvious!

Cooler than of late and quite windy. The SunBlocker on the south side is down because of the strong winds. I notice it is ripping at one end so needs a repair. Lucky I bought a hot glue gun!


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