Bean salad

I was awake at 04:45 and finally got up at 05:15 in order to steal a march on the day. It was completely still as opposed to the previous morning. Skinny was ready to go but was good enough to sit patiently while I fumbled with his prong collar. IZO was as bouncy as ever as I led the two of them to the gate to wait for the others. We were under starter’s orders and out of the gate before very long. It was dark but the sky was clear and there were plenty of stars. The moon is new so will be absent in the mornings for quite a while. The same car was parked by the entrance to the Promontory. I think the guy sleeps in his car as the windows are open. Two motorhomes, one with washing on an airer, were parked close together on the east side of the car park.

We followed the normal procedure and covered 4km in all. Everyone walked up and down at least twice. Sascha and Zora were nowhere to be seen so I suspect Sascha was late to bed. We were back by 07:00 which was good as I wanted to do some network tests.

Sascha sent a text to say that he made bean salad asking if I’d like to come to collect some from him. The nearby punters were still snoozing so I waited until 09:15 before going for a chat. He tells me Steffi will arrive Tuesday 23:15 which is a horrid time to be collecting someone from the airport as you’re not going to get much change out of 02:00 Wednesday by the time they get back.

The morning disappeared into small jobs and a telephone call from Sue at Inter Sport. Later, Richard also called about Outlook for Chris on the Printroom computer.

And soon it was time for a shower after which I wandered up to find Sascha crashed out in his hammock with Zora quietly lying underneath. I carried on by and neither Sascha nor Zora moved. A cup of tea and it was time for the Evening Stroll. It was still quite hot so we just went up the field.

Skinny’d tied himself around one of the decking supports requiring me to crawl under to rescue him. I disconnected him and unravelled the line. I left him free to see what he will do. So far, he’s not attempted to jump over the fence. I’d prefer not to have to tie him up and have not experimented before as the camping was so full.

The dogs have been fed and are relaxing. I notice some children have been entertaining the kittens and have fed them too. One fewer thing for me to have to do!

Now for a big bowl of Sascha’s beans!


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