Eight large packages from China

Skinny was off his line all evening, from before the Evening Amble, as he’d got himself in a muddle under the decking requiring rescuing. He played vigorously with Oskar for quite a while. Skinny was doing most of the playing with Oskar joining in. It was then Luis’ turn for his playfulness and it was amusing watching them romp around together. Luis is such a bad-tempered little animal most of the time.

Skinny was still present in the morning and ready for the Early Walk. Only the two motorhomes decorated the beach car park. Normal routine except Charlie was allowed off the lead for most of the time. He disappeared for a while but doesn’t usually get into mischief and always returns, well almost always. All dogs bar The Three were let off at the end for the walk over the rocks and all returned promptly at the end. We went back to the camping for some quiet time before Sascha and I went to Petrakis as I was very low on interesting food. I stocked up, purchased 1kg black olives which ended up as 1,200g – I have a good stock of olives for a while! The nice lady even strained out all the water! I got loads of food as well as some dog food so the final bill was just over €200 = about £5,000,000 at the present exchange rate. I’ve not seen the GBP so weak in a long time! I bought spinach for both of us later.

I did breakfast and some relaxation followed by a little work. The dog food delivery guy did his thing however I found one of the bags split when I went to the storeroom later. Maria appeared together with a Man with a Van from UPS dropping off eight large packages from China. Some of the packing looked a little battered but then so would I if I’d come all the way from China in the hold of a boat. I unpacked the batteries and all the other items having first cleared up 10kg escaped dog biscuits and arranged the bags and the tins of meat out of the way. Having only one useful hand, progress was slow as I carried each battery into the storeroom. One at a time makes sixteen trips. I’ve only removed one of the batteries from its box just to check. I will unpack and check all the others tomorrow and see that everything has been delivered in good condition. Then I will crunch up and dispose of all the packing of which there is quite a lot. The batteries come with a warranty card which shows the date of manufacture as July 2019 – nice fresh stock which has not sat on a shelf somewhere for months on end.

I’d had enough by the time I’d put everything away so progressed with the spinach and rice for Sascha and I. I put it in the Instant Pot then went for a shower. Sascha and I chatted for a while. I understand he’d just watched Fawlty Towers when the Germans came to stay. Sascha thought it was hilarious. We ate and then I went back to amble the dogs. Not that I was really very enthusiastic as I’d just stuffed my face so was full of food.

Sascha is off to Chania airport to pick up Steffi who is flying via Athens and should arrive 23:15. I don’t envy him that drive.

Today was very warm and sunny with a top temperature of 37.4℃. The equal hottest of the year which was July 10!

Equal hottest day of the year.

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