No fence-jumping yet…

Skinny has been disconnected from his long line for over twenty-four hours so far attempting only once to scale the fortress walls. I had just gone out of the gate and he wanted to come too. I was on the outside of the fence so recommended he reconsider his actions before proceeding. One huge advantage of not having him attached is that I don’t have to crawl under the decking when he decides to wrap himself around one of the decking supports. Usually at a particularly inconvenient time. He then proceeds to bounce around and try to ‘help’.

I was awake good and early but loafed in bed until it was nearer to getting up time. It’s dark enough in the mornings and I’m still not running or swimming so see little point in going out any earlier. There were no FreeLoaders so Charlie was free as were those that normally are. I guessed Sascha and Zora would still be in bed as they were collecting Steffi from the airport until 01:15 when they got back to the camping.

Antonis arrived mid-morning and we had a chat with Sascha and Steffi whilst arranging to go to Spaniakos on Saturday morning with Wall Man. I think Sascha is resigned to the fact that it might be better to build the wall before putting the van in position. Moving the van on Friday is not going to be a reality. I suggested they might consider concrete pads under the wheels and legs of the van. Seeing as Wall Man is going to be doing things with concrete anyway. I think it’s going to be a formwork and pour-from-the-top job for the wall. Having the road collapse into the site during heavy rain might be rather inconvenient. All will be discussed on Saturday.

I spent some while progressing my legacy server installation. It seems funny working with Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 again. There is certainly a gulf of difference between server 2003 and server 2016 as regards installation and functionality.

I have checked over the Chinese delivery from yesterday although I’ve not unpacked all of the batteries as it’s too hard with only one fully-functioning hand. Roll on next week and the bandage and the cast coming off. Having checked all of the accessories, I find the Chinese managed to send everything except for the metal straps which hold the battery packs together. The straps are important because they provide mechanical stability to the pack as well as preventing the cells from swelling. Not that they should swell anyway as I’ve got a good Battery Management System (BMS) as well as individual cell-balancing devices for each cell. If anything goes over or under safe voltage, it all shuts down. An unlikely scenario as I have 300Ah packs which should supply more power than I’m ever likely to require. I’ve asked the lovely Mandy in China to send the missing straps. All the other items arrived and are in good condition so far as I can see. This battery bank needs to be built in the position it’s going to be as moving it without dismantling it is not going to be an option! Mighty weighty matey!

It’s 19:00 so the dogs have the fidgets and need their evening amble soon. It’s cool now even though the sun has a way to go. I can see the angle change each day as the sun moves just that little bit nearer to the horizon. Dawn is slowly moving back from behind the mountains towards Paleochora. Soon we’ll be back to sunrise/sunset over the sea. The latter is a bit of a pain as people come to take photos just as I’m going out with the dogs! Sunrise is fantastic when over the sea and never ceases to delight.

Sascha gave me more beans earlier – guess what’s for supper tonight?


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