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Our Early Walk started in good time on this relatively dark morning. There were few if no clouds but it seemed darker than previous days. The dawn, once it arrived, as tremendous with a mixture of red and orange set against the black silhouette of the distant mountains. There were tracks from Kostas’ jeep but no other signs of vehicles. So far this year, I have the impression it has been quite light as far as FreeLoaders are concerned. There have been some, but not as many as previous years. The season is not yet done, so I may have to eat my words.

Zora and Sascha joined us for the last part of our walk, just a few moments too soon as I’d not got all the dogs back on their leads after walking the rocks. We sorted them out and headed back to the camping. Sascha and Steffi went to Chanis this morning so wanted to leave Zora so that she wouldn’t have to be left in the car and travel in the heat. The dogs know each other well enough so, with a little planning and organisation, it was possible for her to stay without additional noise or friction. She spent her time with IZO as she walks with him and Skinny anyway. She settled down well and was certainly pleased see Sascha when he picked her up around 14:45.

There has just been a microscopic amount of rain. Only enough to be audible on the metal roof as I see no signs of dampness on the decking. There were distant flashes as I walked the Promontory this morning. Flashes from the south from lightning over Libya. There is quite an active storm progressing up the Mediterranean from Malta but I doubt it will make it as far as here and will probably veer off towards the mainland. There is also quite a bit of activity over Turkey so it must be exciting there.

lightning as of 17:30 (EEST)

Up until recently, it’s been warm and sunny with a top temperature of 33.4℃. It is now quite cloudy so cooler with just a few spots of rain. The coolness is very comfortable and I’m still just wearing shorts but may resort to a shirt later.

There were few bathers on Alonáki Beach yesterday evening with the bulk of the activity in the car park area and Grammeno Beach. Some of the sunbeds have already been removed from Alonáki Beach and others are stacked up behind the windbreaks on Grammeno Beach. The dogs can soon amuse themselves barking as the trailer takes the sunbeds to their winter storage location. The clattering is louder as it skips over the road as it returns empty.

Peter, with the VW camper, moved from his beachside location up to one of the motorhome pitches near to the main bathrooms. He was tipped off by Maria that a large family group would soon arrive and take over the area next to him. Ursula and Tony know all about them as they provided unending entertainment due to their lifestyle choices. The men are on the large side and frequently wander to the BBQ area with huge skewers with great chunks of meat impaled on them. Apparently, they bring fridges full of drink, beds and all other kinds of paraphernalia for their stay which lasts a week or so. I recall the area being left in a bit of a mess when they left. They obviously pay well or have some other special dispensation. I have no contact with them as they are a long way from me but they kept Ursula and Tony amused. I understand they are a lively group who enjoy noisy entertainment well into the night.

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