All gone – peace reigns

I put on my elasticated support to walk the dogs yesterday evening and took it off when I got back but put it on again at bedtime. During the night I found it too tight so kept it on to protect my thumb but loosely. This morning I had it on for the walk but the remainder of the day my hand has been free and out in the fresh air. I harvested some Aloe Vera from next door and have plastered it over the wound to help it to heal. It is very much on the way and is looking very good. Even though my thumb has not been protected I’ve done very little physical activity other than some gentle cleaning using my left hand for the arduous tasks. On my right hand, I’ve used the four fingers and the thumb has moved about but has not done any work. I’ve had my second shower without a splint and a bandage so the skin on my right arm and hand is looking normal again. I can see that I will be using the support when walking the dogs and for any more demanding work where my right thumb might accidentally become involved for some time. I don’t intend to try to use my right thumb for at least a few more days.

The Early Walk has uneventful but we were out promptly as I was awake at 05:00. It was clear and reasonably cool with no vehicles in the beach car park and no freeloaders. Charlie went off to bark at something or someone at some point but he came straight back. Other than that it was very pleasant and we all had fun including a walk back over the rocks. There were distant bodies on Grammeno Beach as well as some motorhomes scattered about on Alonáki Beach. Two of these were opposite the fence where we come out onto the road. There were a couple of dogs on the beach as we came back. There was an exchange of barking and some grumbling but they’d settled down by the time we passed the motorhomes. It was a similar situation yesterday evening but calm was quickly restored. This was further up Alonáki Beach where there are a couple of motorhomes with Italian plates. There are often motorhomes in the car park but this year they seem to prefer the beach.

The group of children which arrived yesterday and had a lively evening, appear to be packing up this evening. Peter, Sascha and Steffi will be pleased. I didn’t hear much and just went to bed as usual. It was all very quiet at 05:15 when I wandered out to use the loo.

Other than the minor cleaning session, it’s been rather a lazy day with plenty of sun and blue sky. The top temperature is 35℃ which is slightly warmer than the past couple of days but normal for the time of year. I recall temperatures to 42.8℃ on 7 September 2015!

Skinny has emerged from his lair beneath the decking and is bemoaning the shortness of his line. It’s not actually any shorter just attached in a way that prevents him from going very far under the decking. He is now lying on the decking whimpering to himself. He’s such a soppy bugger! Oskar and he are now playing together but now Charlie has arrived to complicate matters.

I can confirm that the group of children has gone so peace now reigns over the camping. I think the smaller children staying in the new cabins has also gone. Very peaceful!

The Evening Amble, ever so slightly longer than usual is complete. Other dogs were about, however, we managed to conduct ourselves with reasonable decorum. Possibly the most exciting event was a cat sitting in the corner of Cedar Bay Villas’ car park. Skinny, having gone from shy and retiring, is now chief instigator in some situations. I think we can safely say he is now integrated into the pack. He and I have words about behaviour from time to time, this evening being one of them.

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