Battery construction

It was cooler this morning, there were no cars, FreeLoaders, horta-gathers or even Kostas so we had the place to ourselves. I let Luis go right at the beginning, he raced along, completed the first lap and then stayed behind for a rest joining in again at the end. The others were let off for the rock section and returned as expected. There was little air but it was fresher and cooler which was very pleasant. It’s dark but I can see reasonably well by the end of the first lap.

Back at the camping, I put them in their various locations whilst Skinny and I went for a run. My legs reminded me that I’d run for the first time in four weeks yesterday so progress was gentle today as well. I reckon it’ll take a couple of weeks before I catch up again. I went in the sea then got ready to go shopping with Sascha, who kindly offered to take me into Petrakis. The road is still progressing and there are curbs down both sides of the carriageway. It doesn’t seem much wider than before and I’m not sure about the pavement and cycleway. It’ll be a pity if they’ve been sacrificed.

I put away the shopping having released the dogs and then made breakfast. It was 11:00 by the time it was ready. I munched, then relaxed to recover from the morning’s exertions. Sascha wanted to discuss something to do with his land acquisition so I wandered up to see him. Apparently, there is no site plan so one has to be commissioned. More delay. Progress is not as speedy as Sascha would have liked.

I wanted to build my battery bank so set about carrying one battery at a time from the storeroom to the decking. I have constructed the bank so now it can be charged. It will need balancing once charged so will have to be dismantled and reassembled in parallel (all the positives together). Once balanced it can then be rearranged in series (+-+-+-+- to make 48 – 50 volts.)

Battery bank. 50v x 300Ah =15kw so should be enough for my needs.

I found the ‘missing’ metal straps to build the bank: they were mixed up in a load of polystyrene foam which I checked through as I disposed of all the packaging. Everything from China is present and correct so now I can dispose of the outer cartons as well as the individual packing for each battery. They were well packaged although it might not have been the most elegant packing. But then again, I’m all in favour of reusing cardboard although polystyrene doesn’t recycle well.

It’s been quite an active day as I’ve exceeded 4,000Kj on my Move Circle which makes a change from not completing them at all! I’m not sure I’ll be late to bed after my beans and beetroot. The beetroot is cooking as I write. The first time in the Instant Pot I think. Beetroot makes a change from cucumber which I find doesn’t keep all that well.

Better take the dogs out now…

Dogs now walked and fed although Skinny is still ‘savouring’ his. The evening is mild with a gentle breeze and the top temperature for today is 33.7℃.


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