Janne & Erica arrive

Janne & Erica arrived at 23:10 yesterday and were welcomed by a lot of noise from IZO. I anticipated their arrival and was asleep but just lying on my bed. I got up to welcome them and to shut IZO up. He was making the most noise so I asked him nicely to stop. He stopped only for a very short while so I gave him a shower with the hose which brought about a speedy silence which lasted until morning. I then went back to bed and to sleep.

The Early Walk passed without incident or disruption and there is nothing special to report. The cats were waiting to be fed when we got back so I did this before bringing in the second lot of dogs: Luis gets a bit excited by cats so feeding them stops them wandering around asking for food. I’ve noticed that the four ‘kittens’ are becoming quite generous with their food offering to share it with every cat which passes. Consequently, I’ve taken to giving them much smaller amounts which they eat straight away rather than share with every Tom, Felix and Moggy. It’s bad enough feeding the four of them and the mother without every other cat in the neighbourhood.

Skinny and I went running/walking as I still have a little way to go to catch up on my fitness. I went bathing for ten minutes then got on preparing my breakfast. I went for a chat with Janne and Erica and then got on playing with my battery. Today, I’ve relocated it and changed it to parallel so that the individual cells equalise. When this is complete, it can be put back to series to actually do some work. I’m still waiting for the delivery of cable from England. The revised location of the batteries affords a huge, level space for putting things on. This could be extremely useful.

There were a couple of support calls from Inter Sport and Sue has ordered a new computer which I will set up for her over the weekend.

The day has been warm and sunny with a top temperature of 32.2℃ and a little wind. Wind is forecast for tomorrow with even stronger wind on Saturday. I shall be taking down my Sun Blocker I suspect. The sun is not so powerful however the angle is decreasing so it shines further into the awning area.


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