Full Moon again

A blustery cool morning but with some moonlight from a rather watery orange moon heading for the western horizon. At least there was a little more light and the view of the moon as it disappeared into a distant bank of cloud on the horizon. There are still storms in the Med which are either to the west or over Turkey. The Early Walk was as usual with the only difference being that IZO was let off on the way back. I thought I’d wait until the others were back on the lead to avoid any mishaps. I could see that he was bursting with pent-up energy which was in need of being released. He went racing off over the sand and sped up and down. He stuck with the others until we were nearly back at the camping whereupon I should have reacquired him before he disappeared along Alonáki Beach.

Skinny and I set off for our run which today consisted of a lot more running and a lot less walking. It was still very windy which made running almost impossible from time-to-time. We walked some of the final leg where it is more exposed but had another little trot before getting back to the camping. The strong wind put me off the idea of swimming as I felt that being knocked down by the waves might not be such a good plan.

I prepared my breakfast and sat down to read the news while it was cooking. My breakfast was cooked when I woke up but the Instant Pot keeps it hot anyway. There were a couple of power outages during the morning and Alex didn’t seem to have a grip of the generator and the various switches. Power eventually came back but I had plenty of other activities to be getting on with anyway.

I notice that many of the Stealth Tents, those owned by the camping, have been taken down as high winds are forecast for the weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday are likely to be very windy which is not very good beach weather. I don’t expect the camping to be overrun with weekend visitors unless they are into destruction kite fliers.

The top temperature for today is 29.7℃ which is cooler than the previous days but not unexpected due to the wind. All of the forecast highs for the next week are below 30℃ with temperatures as low as 23℃(!) for next weekend. But this is still only September – what’s with the weather? I didn’t even turn on the fan today!

Other than a wander up to the rubbish and over to the shower, the only other excitement for the day was to fix a keyboard set up for Maria who was confused with her ‘@’ symbols. She is now suitably reconfigured.

The Evening Wander was equally uneventful and there were, unsurprisingly, very few bathers on Alonáki Beach. Only a couple of motorhomes littered the beach.

The dogs are fed and my food is ready. The wind is quite strong so I may need to resort to a fleece!


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