Fido needed to go out at silly o’clock this morning so I got up to let him out. Then I got up to let him in. This disturbed my blissful slumbers so it took a little while for me to go back to sleep. It was still very breezy when the alarm sounded and I got up to take the dogs out. We set off under bright moonlight across the field, down the road and onto the Promontory. I let Luis off straight away and I think he followed me pretty faithfully most of the time. I didn’t feel much like swimming or running today so decided to do extra walking instead. I think we completed five circuits of the Promontory in all. At one point I let IZO off his lead so that he could play and run around with Charlie. Something he’s been busting to do for ages. I think he managed about five minutes before disappearing off elsewhere.

I let the others off, including Skinny, once we reached the end of the Promontory. All except Skinny, who was hot on the trail of some lizard or mouse, were present as we walked over the rocks. He was still involved in his hunt when we got back to him. I collected the dogs up and we walked back across the Big Beach to the camping. The wind was very strong and blowing the sand everywhere. I was glad I’d decided not to go swimming or running. IZO had mysteriously managed to open the external gate and put himself inside his compound, closing the gates after him. Truly a Houdini of the modern age! Sascha found him and brought him back.

Back at the camping, I made tea and put on my breakfast. I then checked my emails and read the news. All very exciting stuff! Breakfast over I had a little rest period before my weekly call home.

After lunch I did a little more preparation for my battery assembly and downloaded the instructions and some photos of how other has configured the cell balancing devices. I think I’ve worked out a cunning plan. Meanwhile, the wind was getting windier and has gusted to 87.1km/k. Hardly Hurricane Dorian but lots of flapping and dust everywhere. Even my plastic table has blown over: probably because there is very little clutter on it. Most of the dogs appear to have migrated to the corner of the decking which is reasonably protected from the wind although Skinny is lurking under the decking. The van is rocking and lurching as the wind is from the north so broadside on. I need to jack the van level before the winter and get it off its suspension to stop it wobbling about. There is a lot of flapping of tent behind me. I feel sorry for anyone who has come to the camping for a quiet weekend away in their tent.

Hopefully, the wind will subside so that I can take the dogs for their Evening Amble without us all getting sandblasted.


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