Fleece on – fed up with the wind!

The Evening Amble was a struggle against the wind as it was this evening only less so. Yesterday was far windier than today but I’m now fed up with the whole wind thing. I needed to put on a fleece last night and survived outside long enough to eat my meal but went inside after as it was so windy. This morning I got up and had a fleece on for the Early Walk but took it off on the second lap. I had to put it back on again for the final laps but that may have been to do with not having IZO who’d been released and then disappeared back to the camping to return of his own volition when we got back.

We all managed at least four laps although Fido, Oskar and Obi copped out on the final one. It was just Skinny, Luis and Charlie who were free to choose anyway. Skinny was let off on the Big Beach but managed to come back nicely at the end but had a good run about in the meantime. We met Xanthippos on the way back to the camping and commented on the demolition by the wind of the shower and changing cubicles on AlonĂ¡ki Beach. He was going in on his rest day to clean the pools as he wants to get them cleaned up for when the new people arrive on Monday. I think Monday is changeover day.

His next coup – from a German newspaper

It was time for tea and to put on the breakfast when I got back. The cats were protesting and walking along the fence to make their point. They have a cunning plan to ensure I remember to feed them. The realise the dogs will create a fuss if they parade along the top of the fence.

Tiny Tim is on the left. He has a gammy leg and needs a visit to the vet to get it fixed. Unfortunately, I’ve had a few other things on my mind recently…

I ate my breakfast and then let the dogs out to enjoy the sunshine. They were tired anyway after all that walking.

From a German newspaper

The morning was spent struggling with the jig and straps to make up my battery packs. After an hour or so, I decided I was better off with a homegrown solution and just put a large strap around them.

In the afternoon, I amused myself working out how to wire up all the cell balancers. Not an easy job as there is one balancer for each of the sixteen cells (batteries) which make up the bank. Keeping the wiring tidy is yet another matter. Another holdup is that the metal wiring rings are just too small to fit easily onto the terminal bolts which have to be tightened down to connect the cells. I need to order some connectors from England as it will take forever if I get them from China. I’m not sure I can get them locally and I’m not about to venture over to Chania!

The wind was still blowing but at least it was sunny and warm enough for me to remove my shirt. Oskar and Luis were looking on as they were tied to various items of furniture whilst Fido was confined to pass his time with IZO in his compound. He’d been generally noisy and attention-seeking.

Did I mention that I’m fed up with the wind?

Afternoon progressed to evening and the Amble which was less demanding than yesterday due to less wind. I am a bit fed up with the wind…

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