I used a blanket! It was as cold as 17.2℃! It hasn’t been as cold as that in a long time. We had plenty of energy for the Early Walk, some more than others as there were some disappearances. Luis and Charlie had their freedom from the beginning of the Promontory unfortunately, the others didn’t get theirs due to some barking by Charlie. I never discovered why he was barking but it was just after I’d released Fido and about to release Oskar and Skinny. Fortunately, I hesitated to make sure we were all going in the same direction. There had been a lot of excitement earlier as there may be a couple of strays patrolling the coastline including the Promontory. Loads of sniffing and squeaking on the part of Skinny who gets awfully excited when in hunting mode. Luis and Charlie disappeared to find out what Charlie was barking about. Charlie caught us up but Luis and Fido didn’t return until later.

The rest of us went over the rocks. We collected up, minus Fido and Luis, and headed back. Fido appeared and was back at the camping as the advance party. Luis was scrabbling at the field gate wanting to come in five minutes after I’d closed it. Skinny and I set off towards Kountoura having put Fido and Luis inside the van with Obi and Oskar. On our return, I went for a shower and then to meet up with Sascha for a visit to Petrakis. The road appears to be progressing but the curbstones are up and down like the proverbial woman of the night’s undergarments. Perhaps they are training or practising? Who knows? The likelihood of still being alive for when the road project is completed is becoming debatable. It’ll be finished in June – which June – now there’s the question…

Shopping completed and stowed away, I made breakfast as I’d said I take Janne and Erica to Krios so they could walk to Elafonissi. The plan was for them to catch the ferry back from Elafonissi to Peleochora whereupon I’d pick them up and bring them back to Grammeno. One fault in the logic was to expect the boat to ferry them back which it didn’t. They have called a taxi to take them, plus two French couples back to Paleochora. I will then collect them from there. The guy with the boat probably decided he needed a day off just didn’t bother to tell anyone. This is Greece.

My final package containing the missing items from the solar panel order arrived today. Just one thing missing is a couple of MC4 plugs which might have been included as a courtesy. Still, I now have all the switches, fuses and other connectors I require. Just a matter of putting it all together once I’ve planned the best way to do it. I still do not have full control over my right hand so fine work can be a bit slow at times.

Janne and Erica are now back at Grammeno. I picked them up from outside Vakakis where Erica was waiting whilst Janne got a refund on the unused ferry tickets. They had a good walk and an enjoyable day despite the return trip which was only just a couple of Euro more than the ferry and took a little bit longer. The largest delay was establishing the ferry wouldn’t be there, then getting the taxi to pick them up. Still worth it nevertheless.

The doggies were pleased to see me as it was past their usual walk time. We went straight out but only wandered the fields as they had a good walk this morning. It was cooler this evening as it was this morning and during the night where the minimum temperature was 17.2℃(!). The high struggled to 30.9℃ which is warm enough. The cool evenings and morning are not too bad as we all have much more energy and enthusiasm.


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